I’ve had to warn here, every month, that despite the media and political hype, the monthly US jobs report never seems to move the polls. But here’s this month’s, just out at 8:30 am: Unemployment up slightly from 7.8 percent to 7.9 percent, but with 171,000 jobs added, a nice number (beating expectations), plus more than 80,000 gained in revisions to previous months. August revised up from 142,000 to 192,000, September revised up from 114,000 to 148,000.

Now awaiting how these numbers “cooked.” One of the right-wing (led by Jack Welch and Donald Trump) claims last month: those August and September numbers would be revised downward now after their cooking time ended. Did not happen.  David Kurtz of Talking Points Memo observes:  "The way the Bureau of Labor Statistics didn’t count nearly 100,000 new jobs back in August shows how deeply involved the White House was in monkeying with the numbers."

By the way, numbers show the reason so many jobs were added, but unemployment rose, was because 578,000 joined the work force, countering another GOP argument that jobs numbers look better only because so many have stopped looking for work.

Ezra Klein: “This jobs report is good, but it won’t change the race. Which is as it should be.” Business Insider: “Markets jump on jobs report.”

And if you haven't seen: Nate Silver upped his odds on Obama winning to 80.9% today.  Even Rasmussen found him gaining on Romney, and now even with him.