I’ll be coming back to this project but for now watch Slow Food USA president Josh Viertel announce the group’s new Time for Lunch campaign to get real food into public schools.

Children who grow up exposed to food that is fresh, local and good for them tend to adopt healthy eating habits that last throughout their lives. Conversely, if they’re brought up on junk-food, it’ll take a real effort for them to wean themselves of the habit as they grow older. The schools can be a big part of the solution if school systems are provided with sufficient resources to serve real food instead of the overly processed fast food that endangers children’s health.

Slow Food USA is staging a National Day of Action on September 7 to focus attention on and draw support for the issue. A national series of Eat-Ins — part teach-in, part potluck — will highlight the day and bring people together to share food they’re proud of and show their support for the Time for Lunch program and the Child Nutrition Act. Help build the Day of Action today.

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