The Senate voted in overwhelming numbers recently to reject an FCC ruling that would unleash a new wave of media consolidation across America. Spurred by a grassroots campaign by our friends at Free Press, more than a quarter-million people took action and sent a powerful message to Washington demanding that legislators curb the ability of a few giant corporations to control the bulk of the nation’s media.

The fight now moves to the House, where a bipartisan version of the Senate “resolution of disapproval” (H.J.Res.79) needs your support. Free Press has set an ambitious goal of convincing 100 legislators to agree to co-sponsor the House version of the bill in the next 100 days. The Nation is joining the campaign and asking readers to support Free Press’ efforts and sign your name to a new Nation petition calling on House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi to make passage of H.J. Res. 79 a top legislative priority as soon as Congress comes back from recess. (This petition will be delivered to Pelosi as soon as the House reconvenes after its summer break.)

Watch this video by Free Press’ Alexandra Russell for a re-telling of how the recent Senate victory was achieved and what still needs to be done to secure victory in the House.

And see Free Press’ StopBigMedia site for background on just why the stakes in this fight are so high.