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NYT in editorial urges Dems to vote for Obama tax deal, best they can get …. Bloomberg Poll: Obama tax deal still deeply unpopular. … Gail Collins to liberal Dems:  Congrats, Obama finally got mad!  Now the bad news: He got mad at YOU!…..

Through the looking glass:  A week after WikiLeaks confirms Karzai as one of most corrupt leaders, Robt Gates hails his "statesmanlike" response to those revelations, and for being a good "partner." …Pew survey finds the public evenly split on whether media reporting WikiLeaks cables is good or bad for—the public….. My live blog of Wiki news and view today is here.

The House narrowly approves Dream Act—but Senate outlook not great.  

What a shock: TIME magazine cover today on Palin.  She claims Americans agree with her on all the issues, which is demonstrably false. … Another surprise (?): GOPers now feeling uneasy with pledges to end earmarks.

Ohio columnist Connie Schultz (also a senator’s wife) on how Elizabeth Edwards rewrote script for political wives.  But if you want to feel sick: Westboro Baptist Church says it plans to picket her funeral.

Our own Jeremy Scahill to testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee on  national security policy this morning.

In Florida, ground zero for foreclosures, there’s a rally Homeless for Holidays Rally Protesting Foreclosure Fraud, at the West Palm Beach courthouse today, at 2 p.m.

BECK: THE SHILL IS GONE  Court seizes & freezes assets of that gold company Glenn Beck was shilling for. Fraud. 

PRIMARY PROBLEM   Politico claims no way will there be a primary challenge to Obama, and that’s the end of it—they say.   Feingold and Dean won’t do it and "Obama enjoys overwhelming and unwavering support among African-Americans, a pillar of the Democratic coalition" …  As talk of possible primary challenge to Obama grows,  conservative columnist Ross Douthat, even joking, gets it wrong in proposing Arianna Huff to run against Obama—she was born in Greece.

ELECTION FINALLY OVER—STILL TURNED OUT BAD  GOPer concedes to Bishop in NY in last undecided House race—final tally for Repubs, plus 63.

THURSDAY IN WIKILEAKS   Latest from last night, as I followed it at my Blogging the WIkiLeaks:   New NYT piece on Facebook and Twitter now embroiled in WikiLeaks war. ….: Reuters’ Mark Hosenball reports Wiki’s next big release could involve Gimo and Assange has claimed to have files on every prisoner…. After too long an absence, the Somali Pirates re-appear in a big WIki cable story, from NYT.   It seems, as they say,  "Pirates’ Catch Exposed Route of Arms in Sudan Conflict." …  The AP on how the hackers are doing it:  "The hacking group Anonymous, known for previous attacks on the Church of Scientology and Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, is distributing software tools to allow anyone with a computer and an internet connection to join in the attacks as part of ‘Operation Payback.’ Such tools are widely available on the internet and can easily launch a large number of attacks on targeted websites, said Dean Turner from the computer security firm Symantec."

And now we have one of those wacky animations from Taiwan on the arrest of Assange and the new "cyberwar" to enjoy:


THE BIDNESS REPORT  Two more days, folks, to bid at The Nation auction, even for five different classic books by yours truly all signed with a name, probably mine.

BITS & PIECES  News break from London: Tony Blair being called back to again give evidence to Chilcot inquiry on Iraq.…. Marking John Lennon’s death: I recall my contact with him in 1970s…. When’s the last time (ever?) you saw a fairly well-known person die at age 108? … 


The Nick Clegg Rap—on raising those school fees—with help from Pink Floyd.



It’s the WIki-Wiki-WikiLeaks Samba.


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