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Of course, nothing apparently counts until we get Palin’s reaction, but early reactions to the Obama speech: Generally very postiive, even from some at FOX. NYT editorial here. But, no surprise, Michael Gerson on CNN: an Obama "pep rally" and how dare he "lecture" about the "news cycle"? And "too long." David Gergen agreed on length and rally aspect.  Text of speech and key video clip here.

That Tucson community college releases file on Jared Loughner with its concerns about the "creepy" student.  On drugs? Nuts? 

Time mag cover story today: "Guns. Speech. Madness." Sure to have same effect as previous ones on same theme.

Down memory lane. Palin in 2008 was blamed by Secret Service over rise in death threats against Obama. 

Now the earlier Palin video Maybe TLC will do a 2nd season of Palin show after all and call it True Blood Libel... Gerson on CNN says Palin’s talk was "7 minutes Reagan and 30 seconds Spiro Agnew." Pretty kind, no?Is this the new standard? Lawrence O’Donnell on Palin: "When Perez Hilton & Krauthammer don’t like your speech you are in serious trouble."

Tweet from @cdashiell: "The first rule of Hate Club: don’t talk about Hate Club."

MoJo: Boehner Stymies Gun Reform

Ross Douthat attempts to dig out from Dems-benefit-from Tucson remark in recent column, digs deeper at the end.

Here’s story on arrest in Rep. McDermott death threats but does not capture guy’s right wing rhetoric in calls.  I refer you to FBI doc on rigthwinger arrested… Arrest also last year for man waving meat cleaver at Sen. Patty Murray backers, another wanted her "hung" and got applause… But threats against lawmakers rarely lead to charges

Yes, I am live-blogging WIkiLeaks for a 47th day (isn’t this how Nightline started?)… 

Meanwhile, Rep. Peter King wants Treasury Dept to ban US companies from having any deallings w/ WikiLeaks. Assanage has already responded (see my blog)…  Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins slam WikiLeaks in today’s WSJ. They’re all for "transparency, BUT… "  Assange needs to make video of him hunting or taking target practice on that estate, then he’d be much more popular in the USA.

Think Progress breaks today: "Arizona Republicans Resign After Giffords Shooting, Citing Threats From Local Tea Partiers." Wife of one worried about precinct workers’ houses getting shot up.

BITS & PIECES  Huh? "Tillman" not among finalists for Directors Guild best doc prize… NOAA: 2010 ties 2005 as warmest year on record. Gotta love this: Stephen Baldwin apologizing to Sean Hannity for bashing him—after Sean ripped older brother Alec… NYT reviews Rodney Crowell’s memoir… I’ll be writing soon about upcoming Harper’s cover story: some modern Don Drapers propose US gov’t run image ads—during Super Bowl… With Ted Williams entering rehab, someone should take a look at how many in media reported his sobriety as fact. Legions.


Stephen on Palin and response to Tucson.

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