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What a shock–Rand Paul says he was sandbagged and won’t appear on Maddow show again.  For reason, scroll down the page a bit for video.   Paul has been forced to announce today that, no, he would not work to repeal the 1964 Civil Rights Act…..leading Will Bunch to "quote"  Paul:  "I will oppose any effort to fire cannons on the Union stronghold at Fort Sumter."  UPDATE:  Just uncovered, letter Paul wrote to Kentucky paper in 2002  backing legal discrimination. 

Repubs hit back by recalling that Robert Byrd once belonged to the KKK.   But that was, like, 200 years ago….. Good Ezra Klein take on Rand: He’s "not a racist but he is an extremist." ….  Mike Calderone at Yahoo! asks where the national media has been about all this until now, since much of this came out locally?….. Joe Conason on how hawkish GOP neo-cons are trying to deal with Paul…..Natch, John Stossel backs Paul on repealing part of Civil Rights Act.

Bill Kristol now pushing Campbell Brown, who is exiting CNN, for Senate in NY.  Remember, her husband is conservative Dan Senor.   Palin redux for Bill? 

Wash Post reveals:  FBI launched  three separate probes of classified info leaked to Robert Novak in the 1980s…..New evidence which helps or hurts NYT case against Blumenthal on Viet service arrives–as NYT public editor says he is looking at it.

The Guardian: book borrowed by George Washington returned to library!  What, no fine? 

My new piece on reviews of first Hollywood film on the Plame case debuting at Cannes today.

BITS AND PIECES:   Lance Armstrong denies new doping claims–then crashes in race and taken to hospital…. CNN headline on site asked:  "Miss USA: Muslim Trailblazer or Hezbollah Spy?"  Yes, most trusted name in news …… Meanwhile, I watched BP director on MSNBC this afternoon tell Andrea Mitchell  what’s really threatening Gulf residents is not oil leak but "alarmist" claims by scientists…National Academy of Sciences report on global warming urges U.S. to cut emissions and institute carbon pricing.


Day we feared arrives :  Blanket of BP crude hits Louisiana wetlands.  Gov. Jindal has worse day since that time he had to give official GOP speech on national TV. Story, pictures, video here. NYT:   Prominent oceanographers hit gov’t for failures on Gulf oil leak, failures to do studies and "allowing BP" to hide the true scope…..Mother Jones: Why is BP still running this show? 

Facebook lands on TIME’s cover today with heading: "Friends Without Borders."

Election aftermath:  White House belatedly embraces Joe Sestak….   Beyond Rand Paul, other fringe candidates threaten GOP candidates….George Packer in The New Yorker warns that Paul in the Senate will further its "descenet" into "mass media" hell….First poll in Arkansas finds Halter with small lead, but BIll "Big Dog" Clinton says he will return to native state to hunt for Lincoln.

Andy Borowitz tweets:  "If incumbents are voted out of office in November, that’s really going to hurt their sex lives."    House Democrats may plan ethics probe of Rep. Souder’s affair. 

NEW EVIDENCE?    Video has surfaced of entire speech it hit CT candidate Blumenthal for, quoting him saying he served "in" Vietnam–but in  first part of speech he clearly said he merely served in Vietnam era.   NYT defended what it did here.….But CJR and NPR also question NYT handling of Blumenthal story, noting local press didn’t think it big deal.

SNAKES AND PLAME:  The Naomi Watts/Sean Penn movie Fair Game about the CIA leak scandal screens at  Cannes.  Roger Ebert tweets this morning that it  "makes a case for Bush, Cheney and Rove deliberate lies justifying the Iraq War."  Also notes that it is being called "anti-American" but is reallly "pro." Much more by me later. 

RACHEL vs. RAND  Rand Paul announced his candidacy on Rachel Maddow’s show months ago and last night returned for what he thought might be a friendly chat about his big win on Tuesday.  Nah.  She held his feet to the fire on his claims that he would oppose Civil Rights Act of 1964 and more (see below).  Joe Scarborough comments: “He needs to come up with an answer today, or Kentucky will be Arizona: a battleground for ugly, racial politics. He has 24 hours.”


RUSH JOB  Zev Chafets, who wrote that hideous puff job on Rush Limbaugh awhile back for the NYT Magazine, now pens op-ed for paper saying Limbaugh, not Tea Party or anything else,  is main reason for Republicans "doing so well lately." 

AFGHAN PROBE:   Spencer Ackerman with breaking report on major probe of U.S. soldiiers causing civilian deaths in Afghanistan, with at least one already in custody, he suggests.

PULLED PORK:   JIm Hightower awards his "Icky" awards to the "grossest" corporate "hogs." 

TEAR DOWN THAT WALL, MR. MURDOCH Wall Street Journal online brought to you free today, thanks to Sprint–but they should pay you to read the editorial page.   For example:  Karl Rove today explains why Tuesday’s primary and election votes were a huge setback for…Obama.

WIKILEAKS PROFILE:   A major one from Wash Post.   Wikileaks gets about 30 leaks a day,  but paper still wondering where are its damn sources?

ONE FIN DAY  TPM:  Scott Brown of Mass. voted to filibuster financial reform yesterday but may vote for it yet as new votes loom. Much more on fin reg today by Ezra Klein.

BITS AND PIECES:   Fun McClatchey piece on Elena Kagan,  girl reporter….Eliot Spitzer wooing MSNBC–and vice versa….. $600 million art heist in Paris….Floyd Landis (finally) admits doping and says plenty of others, including Lance Armstrong did the same.I watched Megyn Kelly on Fox yesterday afternoon once again hit women who bring sex harassment suits — after one sued her idol Gene Simmons….as usual, good array of stuff monitoring rightwing politics from Dave Weigel. 

CHOMSKY BAN  Haaretz:   Israel should apologize to Noam Chomsky for banning him from entry this week.

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