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Mrs. Warren’s Profession:  WSJ on Eliz Warren — yes, please pick her to head consumer agency.

Obama calls, chats with Shirley Sherrod for seven minutes.  No beer summit with Breitbart, thank god.

NYT slams White House on Sherrod firing but does not mention Breitbart etc.  Josh Marshall at TPM says Obama and Vilsack not the true evildoers here, e.g.  "most reporters are simply cowed by Fox and Breitbart and Beck and the rest of the organized forces of bamboozlement."   Stephen Engelberg of ProPublica also slams media here and offers advice.   Scott Rosenberg:  Why are Politico, NPR, other media not calling Breitbart  out on his serial deceptions?  White House spokesman Gibbs also hits the media which will irk the media.   Horrible AP story on "black racism" relying on rightwingers Breitbart, Gallagher as experts.

Proud of former Nation intern, Nick Clegg, Britain’s own Deputy Prime Minister, who is in trouble for calling  the Iraq War "illegal" on the floor of the House of Commons….   Respected historian Bruce Cumings with new book exploding Korean War myths, how that shapes North Korea today,  U.S. "genoicde,"  napalming, and carpetbombing in that war — and a dig at David Halberstam.

Rep. Anthony Weiner hits prime Beck sponsor, Goldline, over 17 formal complains in recent years…  Remember U.S. attorneys scandal?  Harper’s Scott Horton on "Another Audacious Whitewash at DOJ."  

AP:  Who knew that in 1969 we used a nuclear device twice the size of Hiroshima bomb to aid in gas drilling (and then things got radioactive).  


MORE DOUBTS David Sanger of NYT:  Obama facing growing doubts on Afghan war. "The absence of serious progress this year has sown new doubts, here and abroad, that Mr. Obama will be able to reach even the scaled-down goals he set for America’s mission in the time he laid out in his speech at West Point  seven months ago. The result is that the fierce debate over whether the war is worth the cost — a debate that Mr. Obama did not want to join until the Taliban suffered some losses — is unwinding one summer earlier than he had hoped."

SHERROD CASE  Shirley Sherrod on Today Show this morning says she is inclined not to accept offer of her old USDA job back after Vilsack and White House apologize…. Will Bunch: The story of Sherrod’s father gunned down by white farmer in 1965….  Andy Borowitz tweets:  "BREAKING: USDA Offers Sherrod Authority Over Farmville."

NO FRACKING WAY  Actor Mark Ruffalo, who lives near drilling area in upstate New York, calls on the state to halt the gas "fracking." 

LISTEN UP,  YOU SLACKERS    TIME’s cover story coming tomorrow–"The Case Against Summer Vacation."  If I was lucky, I’d be reading it on the Cape.

MORE ON SHERROD CASE  Tribute to Shirley Sherrod as friend of farmer and Farm Aid from Mr. Willie Nelson….   Olbermann gets so hot about this he quits vacation to offer a biting special comment …. Karen Tumulty’s Wash Post story on how Sherrod got her job back (if she wants) does not disclose that Karen Tumulty’s first story on the subject was badly "balanced."  Some poor reporting on the Sherrod case in both the  Post  and NYT, see here. … Howie Kurtz on how media jumped the gun — and the Bill O’Reilly apology — but no mention of horrid Post coverage …. David Frum on why the right will never renounce Breitbart even after ridiculously counter-factual Sherrod …..Can Breitbart be sued for libel?  …  If Obama has 2nd "beer summit," this time with Sherrod, will he order a Breitbartweiser? 

RIGGED SYSTEM  NYTConfidential survey reveals BP workers on doomed rig  voiced safety concerns, feared reprisals.

NO NUKES:   Elsewhere at Media Fix we’ve  launched exclusive look at the "call for action" PSA from producer Lawrence Bender  for hot antinuke film "Countdown to Zero."   No nukes.

HAVE A LAUGH:  Fred Barnes at WSJ  on the "vast leftwing media conspiracy" to elect Obama in 2008–based, of course, on the faux  "Journo-List" scandal.

HITCH UP  Lengthy transcript of Christopher Hitchens interviewed by righty Hugh Hewitt.  Hitch discussed cancer treatment at start, then wide range of subjects — including critical views on Israel and settlements.   

BYTES & PIECES   Top possible GOP candidate for W. Virginia Senate seat, succeeding Robert Byrd, decides not to run …  After all that, no prosecutions coming in U.S. attorney firing scandal…


Going through Colbert withdrawal during vacation weeks?  Here’s a collection of his recent bits on the Gulf leak — and other animal / bird  fallout.

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Our greatest songwriter / poet Leonard Cohen with the ever more relevant "Democracy" — here his great song  in spoken form with sound effects.  "From the homocidal bitchin / That goes down in every kitchen / To determine who will serve / and who will eat / Democracy is coming / to the USA."