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Jamie McIntyre, formerly of  CNN, now a prof, hits Lara Logan for her attack on Michael Hastings — though faults the latter, too….  Amy Davidson at The New Yorker also criticizes Logan strongly (and you can watch the video in question there)  ...  Rolling Stone‘s Hastings on Democracy Now! today.

NYT‘s defense of not routinely calling waterboarding "torture", here, in chat with Mike Calderone of Yahoo!   But their argument that they were just adopting a "middle ground" and aware of political conditrions is slammed by many,  including here. Also here.

Bits & Pieces:  New site from Free Press called Corruption Road, on "How Corporate Money and Astro Turf Pollute Media Policy" …. Eric Schlosser urges Senate to pass food safety bill (VIDEO)….  The Guardian Without its immunity, can the Vatican survive? … Those "FEMA trailers" banned post-Katrina because of formaldehyde now being used for Gulf cleanup workers.  Just "new car smell"? 

Andrew Sullivan vs. Breitbart on offering to pay $100,000 for  JournoList archives,  Breitbart and others hit back, and then Sullivan returns serve, all here.  Don’t worry, Palin is involved here somewhere.

If you don’t know, Willie Geist — late of Morning Joe, now on Today — was the kid in his dad’s Little League Confidential memoir.   I later wrote my own book  Joy in Mudville starring my kid.

Paging Samuel L. Jackson:   Falling maggots from overhead bin force a US Airways flight to return to gate.

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Nick Kristof  from the West Bank:  "The Israeli occupation of the West Bank is widely acknowledged to be unsustainable and costly to the country’s image. But one more blunt truth must be acknowledged: the occupation is morally repugnant."  For example there’s the question of who gets electricity and who doesn’t (guess who).

THIS IS TORTURE  Study finds that media called waterboarding "torture" for decades—until our side started doing it, as Glenn Greenwald notes.    Will Bunch, calling the media on "appalling cowardice,"  has much more here.  

WITHOUT BYRD IN HAND   Senate Dems now one vote short on help for jobless, Harry Reid admits….  Olbermann last night on GOP and average folks: from "voodoo economics" to "screw you economics." …  Sen. Sharrod Brown — no recess until jobless benefits passed!  McClatchy with more here.

GETTING HITCH  Longtime Nation columnist Christopher Hitchens canceled book tour amid mystery, then announced yesterday is being treated for cancer of the esophagus.  Best wishes on that.

"HOT" SPY CASE   Media frenzy continues over the alleged Russian espionage agents, but mainly all anyone cares about is the sultry one, as Wash Post piece proves.

KOS AND EFFECT:  Latest fallout on DailyKos vs. its pollster Reearrch 2000 and suggestion that allegedly bogus survey offered false narrative on Arkansas Senate primary, raising false hopes for Bill Halter, producing shockwaves for Democrats when, maybe, Blanche LIncoln had race in bag all along.   Pollster is fighting back hard.

FEINGOLD AND FIN REG  Sen. Feingold on why he is not backing current form of FinReg bill,  which won’t see vote in Senate until next week ….. Ezra Klein with wrapups on House passing FinReg. … NYT shocker: TARP on the way out?  

GORE-SEX?   AP:  Porltand, Ore. police to re-open Al Gore "sex assault" case after another National Enquirer edition.  Gore spokesperson responds.    Dan Abrams on TV today: charges not likely.

BITS & PIECES     Coming Sunday, NYT Mag cover story on the great Mariano Rivera, posted now…. .  Roger Ebert continues his crusade against video games.

OBAMA: GIRL?   Kathleen Parker—newly named CNN co-host—writes today that Obama is the First Female President, and that”s why he is failing. "Obama may prove to be our first male president who pays a political price for acting too much like a woman." Although she notes he is "endowed." 

AFGHAN REALTY   Yesterday’s list of U.S. dead in Afghan — Joseph Caskey, Daane DeBoer, Edwardo  Loredo, Jared Plunk, Robert Repkie, William Richards, Blair Thompson.   And five more today…. My new piece here: "Who’ll Be the Last Soldier to ‘Die for a Mistake’ in Afghan?" And, yes, we know who it was in Vietnam.

PAGING BRUCE WILLIS   We’ve had fun running a couple of those wacky campaign ads by Alabama’s Rick Barber lately (you, he keeps seeing dead people–former U.S. presidents).  Now Chris Matthews has talked to him about this neurosis. Stop making Sixth Sense?  

PULLING A BOEHNER    Gail Collins mocks Scott Brown and John Boehner, and quotes Joe Scarborugh on the latter:  “Every Republican I talk to says John Boehner, by 5 or 6 o’clock at night, you can see him at bars. He is not a hard worker."   …  And at a NYT blog,  David Brooks discusses  with Gail the Weigel and Hastings episodes and his own "balanced" approach to reporting and punditry — "fuddy duddy" and  "Old Media and proud of it."  It may make you scream.

FOR EMILY,  WHEREVER WE MAY FIND HER   Slate: Sordid sex on Emily DIckinson’s couch—while she was upstairs and knew all about it! Yes, it’s true.


 The 100 greatest movie insults ever.   You lookin’ at me?



As timely now as in the late 1960s– when it was banned from TV, for awhile — here’s Pete Seeger singing "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy," though now it might have to be change to "Big Sandy" or "Big Rocky."