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What a shock: Twenty-four hours after meeting with Obama, GOP promises to block just about any Democratic move in the Congress… Slate piece hits cruel GOP for move against unemployment benefits—with 15 million out of work.

NIck Kristof: Haiti, nearly a year after the quake, plus video.

New at Vanity Fair : famed team of Bartlett and Steele with " Deadly Medicine" investigation of overseas prescription drug trials.

Once again, cutting into my Daybook time, I blogged the WikiLeaks all day yesterday (and doing so again today for a fifth day). Here are the dozens of items, plus a few of the latest below:

NYT looks at possible legal moves against Assange—and tough road to make them stick… Very significant embrace: venerable Foreign Policy launches new WikiLeaked site… US mad Afghanistan suddenly signs cluster bomb ban—we still say we can use them. And Assange is the evil one?… And even more for those who claim "nothing new" in the leaks: How the UK sidestepped ban on holding nasty cluster bombs…

Much debate in trying to figure why Amazon caved. Check this, concluding that "the US government considers it appropriate to make inquiry into where and how politically sensitive material is being handled by US service providers. And we now know Amazon Web Services, apparently, will preemptively bow to that pressure and kick a paying customer off its wires without so much as a warrant or a court order."

A must-read at The New Yorker on WikiLeaks evolving, in good ways, by guy who interviewed Assange earlier:…
Jeremy Scahill tweets: " Shit. Amazon just canceled my order of 250,000 classified cables. Should have bought the Kindle version"… Plus this biggie: NYT says cables confirm what many of us charged at the time: Washington was misled on conflict with Russia by our Georgian friends—but quite willingly. Remember, "We Are All Georgians?" Perhaps could be changed to "Are We All Suckers?"

An historic day of DADT hearings today on Capitol Hill. Watch them live here.

NOT ENOUGH BANJO? Amazing: 92nd Y in New York offers refunds to audience bored by Steve Martin, interviewed by Deborah Solomon mainly about art. Steve not happy.

THE OLD NETWORK Preview of Mark Zuckerberg on 60 Minutes this weekend.

ME TALK PRETTY MUCH WIKILEAKS ON COUNTDOWN  Video below of my MSNBC appearance last night, with Chris Hayes.


HAWK FLIES AND FILES New right-wing WaPo blogger Jennifer Rubin launches: she’s for "American exceptionalsim," against Middle East peace process, loves John Bolton. And so on.

WILL FULL LIE? In April 2008, writer Will Bunch had a chance to ask Obama what he would do about torture and other crimes committed by the Bush administration. What he told Will proved to be a lie

BITS & PIECES FTC would give you the right to reject being followed on the Internet, possibly big move… Ed Rollins to Sarah Palin: "I knew Ronald Reagan, and you’re no Ronald Reagan"… WikiLeaks supporter promotes very active press roundup page, "WL Central"… Julian Assange on cover of Time this week—and his lawyer on Democracy Now! today.



If Wikileaks had been around, we never would have gone to war (or pageant) against Albania—in Wag the Dog.


Is Julian Assange the new "Secret Agent Man"? Johnny Rivers’ 1966 original. "Every move he makes/ Another chance he takes/ Odds are he won’t live to see tomorrow."

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