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Time’s new cover story on John Boehner….Don’t miss video posted by Palin just now, showing candidates she backed, ignoring the ones who failed, closing with a grizzly image. .. How Republicans blew taking the Senate…. Now it begins: Politico‘s Roger Simon asks—"Can Howard Dean beat Obama in 2012?" 

Good Kakutani review of Bush memoir today and his mantra: "I was blindsided"…. In new memoir what does Bush call worst moment of presidency: 9/11? Invading Iraq w/ no WMD? Katrina? Economic meltdown? No: Kanye West’s attack on him. So Bush DOES "care about black people"—dissing him.

Kathleen Parker opened last night’s CNN show by saying, seriously, that Obama should have come out at presser, flapped his ears, and said, "I hear you."…. On her campaign Meg Whitman spent more than the annual budget of the Nat’l Endowment for the Arts… Audio of  Rush Limbaugh on air yesterday saying "bye-bye Pelosi" over "Ding-Dong, The Witch is Dead."  Of course, earlier he had proposed waterboarding for her ….   Danced out:?  Bristol Palin didn’t vote.  

Jim Hightower: What’s that hiding behind the Tea Party? …  Nick Kristof: "Mr. Obama, We Need Some Poetry"….  Terrible front-page photo of Obama in NYT reminds me of that famous shot, seen everywhere, of Eliot Spitzer at his post-disaster press conference…. Dan Froomkin: Obama can pursue progressive agenda—without Congress…  Gallup, surprise, finds plurality of voters want Congress to pass new stimulus, more than they want to repeal HCR or cut deficit: 

Tina Fey did a little Palin on Letterman last night, also pointed out Fox keeps calling her "Gov. Palin," which is "like referring to me as Dairy Queen employee–yes, I was, but I quit." 

MORE ELECTION FALLOUT  Colbert’s election wrap-up. …  Jon Stewart congratulates Fox’s  Chris Wallace and his team  for retaking control of the House…  Ex-Howard Dean aide probes "none of the above elections" and how Dems blew it. … Forbes charts billionaires’ favorite candidates by contributions. .. TPM:  Meet the top members of the House Crazy Caucus, the spawn of Michele Bachmann

CLINTON AND RABIN Bill Clinton’s NYT op-ed: "Finish Rabin’s Work." … YouTube removes "terror cleric’s" videos.

ROVE HAS ENERGY Will Bunch: Karl Rove after election tells energy people "Climate is gone." Meaning Dems can’t pass anything to help—or maybe he meant, you know, it’s gone.  

CAN-PAIN HUMOR Gail Collins points out today O’Donnell has a great future on Fox "but now they’ll have to pay her."…. Andy Borowitz: "For once I agree with John Boehner—when he became Speaker I sobbed uncontrollably." And more: "The Tea Party is right to close the Education Dept. Last night proves that knowledge is not necessary for success."

PULLING A BOEHNER New closing for Olbermann’s show: "One day since Republicans took the house. Mr. Boehner, where are the jobs?"

WORKING ASSET More than 5.5 percent of Cuomo’s vote rally in NY came from Working Families Party—part of campaign to boost it on next ballot. Matt Damon backed.

AND WE BETTER DUCK Kucinich just coined  great term for Republican plans: "Economic quackery."

BITS & PIECES Yes, Krugman was right from the start on Obama’s failures on economy…. Waiting for Meat Loaf to re-record "Bat Out of Hell" in honor of Carl Paladino…. My question for Obama at presser: New GOPers in Congress have said they do NOT accept any deadlline on Afghan pullout. So what will he do?


Jon Stewart: "Ever notice how all the terms GOP used for its win—tidal wave, tsunami, earthquake—all kill thousands of people?" More:

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Sad to say, great satire in Tim Robbins’ classic Bob Roberts film coming true again, with latest election, especially with this "Wall Street Rap" Dylan takeoff ("make millions" and win by any means necessary).