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The Daley Whoa, or is that D’oh?   Bill Daley picked as new White House chief of staff,  wants Dems on more "moderate" path.  Labor may not be happy.  Also, he opposed health care reform and new consumer agency.  What, no Republicans available for the post?  Well, if Dems get out of line, he can always call out the cops to bust a few heads, like his Dad.

Greg Sargent has a dozen key links on GOP takeover of House yesterday, Dem reaction, prospects, Tea Party hopes and more. …Barney Frank on Countdown last night already speaking frankly, calling GOPers "liars" and "hypocrisy" and Chico Marxists.

Nir Rosen on America making same errors in Afghanistan as Iraq.

Alec Baldwin on Parker-Spitzer talked about wanting to run for office, perhaps, some time, somewhere.

A wild WikiLeaks day yesterday , you can catch up at my blog, dozens of items (and Assange as Bieber). And now here’s today’s edition with full report on the big Vanity Fair piece on Assange and The Guardian, and many links of reaction to it.

Washington Monthly probe: Has racial peace broken out in New Orleans — under new white mayor?

SOLID OCHS I’ve done another piece on Phil Ochs flick–and his brother and director on Democracy Now today.

WHEELER CASE Spooky surveillance tape of murder victim John Wheeler wandering around with one shoe off day before he died. Death of former Bush adviser still great mystery, especially with arson at neighbor’s house and more.

NETWORKING RACISM Ex-newswoman Carole Simpson reveals racism at networks, fried chicken jokes, producer who called her a slut…

MEETS TWAIN Tina Fey recently said in accepting Twain prize: she expects that in 100 years some of HER stuff will also be considered "mildly racist." … And Stephen Colbert tweets: "It’s great that they took the N-word out of Huckleberry Finn. Now get to work on Moby D-Word." And D-word Tracy, too?

GREAT SCOTT What about Scott McClellan as new press secretary ? He knows how to play the press and he found them to be total tools and saps on Iraq.

MICHELLE NOT OUR BELLE Lizz Winstead tweets: "Stop freaking out about Bachmann running for president. The rapture is happening May 21st."

ISSA DONE YET? Econ blogger Barry Ritholtz rips Rep. Issa for sending letters to business interests asking which regulations they’d like cut. "Whoring."


For John Boehner: Johnny Cash’s classic "Cry Cry Cry," and actually some of the lyrics may be apt.


Colbert last night on the Huck FInn controversy.

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