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Matt Taibbi in Rolling StoneBernie Sanders put Obama to shame.

House votes for DADT repeal, putting ball in court of GOPers in Senate, who are delaying—poll shows public support for repeal so Repubs don’t want to vote.

Official review of situation in Afghan for Obama concludes that withdrawals can indeed start next July, despite very uneven progress since his "surge."  Here’s the 5-page executive summary… Red Cross:  No matter what they say, worst conditions in Afghanistan in 9 years….   Andy Borowitz tweets:  "Defense Dept. Upgrades Afghanistan from Quagmire to Morass"

NYT: Thinking the Unthinkable—Obama administration grapples with idea of surviving nuclear attack.  "Mineshaft gap" 2010?

Yes, I am blogging WIkiLeaks news and views again all day, kicking off with reports on the key Assange bail hearing today as prosecutors appeal—judge rules out live-tweeting this time.  UPDATE:  Judge throws out appeal, Assange to be freed.   My  live-blogging all things WikiLeaks yesterday.  A few late highlights:  New from NYT: US trying to build case vs. Assange by linking him to Bradley Manning, pre-leak….Human Rights Watch sends letter to Obama and Holder: Don’t prosecute Assange!….New twist in Assange case: WikiLeaks cables show Swedes in secrecy pact w/USA. WikiLeaks call it "backroom deal."

 Econ blogger Barry Ritholtz’s 10 Reality-based Questions for GOP members of Financial Crisis Commission.  (h/t Barbara Bedway) : 

Hard to believe Daily Show segment on new Barbie doll with video camera embedded—sparking fears of pedophile use.  (BTW, Mike Huckabee visits Jon tonight.) 

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Nick Kristof on Islam’s Mother Theresa.

ELLSBERG LEAKS ARREST  Dan Ellsberg planning his 80th arrest today in civil disobedience over war.  Chaining himself to White House fence. 

LEAVING MARK  The Nation is making its own Person of the Year selection, vote here.

CRY CRY CRY  Gail Collins: The Crying (Shame) Game.   Imagine if Pelosi wept like Boehner. 

GIFT IDEA  Dare I suggest that any progressive, or media or politics maven, would enjoy receiving for the holidays my book.  


Funnyman Ricky Gervais—a former 1980s Bowie-like rock singer (you can find some great clips at YouTube)—with "Don’t Cry, It’s Christmas."




My man Beethoven rolled over and was born 240 years ago today.   A few decades he wrote a little tune that now provides the background to the climax of the fine new film The King’s Speech. Here’s part of it, the second movement for the Symphony No. 7 put to use for another movie.

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