Now that President Obama’s speech to school kids has proved not to be the Maoist indoctrination tool that the right absolutely knew it would be, it’s time for the rest of us to start facing down the next big, media-fanned psychokiller fantasy. But what will it be?

It beggars the imagination: As Condi Rice said about planes deliberately crashing into the World Trade Center, who could have imagined that the president of the United States would be attacked for telling kids to stay in school and believe in themselves? Or that he’d be accused of wanting to euthanize America’s grannies, or of being born in Kenya, which would, after all, make his presidency illegal?

It takes a lively paranoia, a financial stake, and/or a belief that a black man has no right to order white folks around to come up with such outlandish fabrications. But if any of you can tap your inner John Bircher, please share your crazed thoughts: What will be the right’s next big Obama conspiracy theory?

That the government plans to tattoo the presidential seal on the soles of the feet of all gun-owning Christians? That Obama supported the switch from analog to digital TV because government scientists had placed interlocutor rays in every conversion box that would darken white people’s skin (and don’t Republicans have proof of this in John Boehner, who’s been used as a guinea pig in these diabolical experiments)? Or might it be that the failure to maintain a balanced diet will become a felony, punishable by forced labor on the construction of a massive food pyramid somewhere in central Illinois?

Surely you can top that. Send your predictions here, to Comments. Then, when the mainstream media "reports" on just such a "controversy," you, instead of or the RNC, will be on the record for making it up first!