Co-written by Sam Graham-Felsen.

It is universally acknowledged that preschool plays a critical role in the educational and social development of children. proposed in his new state budget a provision that would grant all three and four year-olds access to preschool, regardless of income. While Oklahoma, Georgia and Florida currently offer pre-k to four year-olds, Illinois would become the first state to provide genuinely universal preschool in the country’s history.

“This isn’t just an Illinois story, it’s a national story,” says Libby Doggett, Executive Director of Pre-K Now. “This week’s announcement was wonderful for the children of Illinois but equally wonderful for the children across this country…Many many families will enjoy the benefits of this far-sighted and far-reaching vision.”

As Nathan Newman notes, while Blagojevich may be facing investigations for pay-to-play politics, “Illinois has been quietly emerging as a national font of progressive ideas and legislation”-such as raising the minimum wage, protecting gay rights and stengthening labor laws.

Yet with budget concerns wracking Illinois, Doggett predicts that Blagojevich’s pre-k proposal will face some stiff opposition. “It will be a fight. Children don’t have a lobbyist, so it’s difficult to see progress in this area,” says Doggett. “But Governor Blagojevich, without doubt, is the biggest children’s champion we have.”

To learn how you can be a part of the movement for universal preschool not only in Illinois, but nationally, click here.

Sam Graham-Felsen, a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker, contributes to The Nation’s new blog, The Notion, and co-writes Sweet Victories with Katrina vanden Heuvel.