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Maureen Dowd:  Sherrod screwup proves Obama White House "too white"and Rep. Clyburn agrees he "needs more black people around him." ….  Van Jones: "Shirley Sherrod and Me."   Frank Rich:    Vilsack doesn’t deserve to keep his job. But plenty of blame to go around on Sherrod.  Frank also provides a good "Mad Men" spoiler. 

Andy Borowitz tweets:  ‘MAD MEN’ SPOILER: Don and the gang are oblivious about future historical events, making the audience feel superior."   

Charles Kaiser at the Hillman Foundation  on The Shame of the Fourth Estate.  He means the mainstream media elevating rightwingers like Beck, Limbaugh, Breitbart

NYT editorial declares flatly: Obama needs to nominate Eliz Warren. "The banks don’t oppose her because she doesn’t get it, they oppose her because she does."  Al Frnaken endorsed her at Netroots Nation last night.  TPM has plenty of Netroots nation updates

Obama addreses Netroots Nation, saying he knows they feel change has been so slow.  Includes clips of Maddow hailing what he HAS accomplished.  

5 more Americans killed in Afghanand search goes on for two missing (one may be dead).

Analysis shows SCOTUS under Roberts even more conservative than you think.

Plame Speaking:   See my new interview with Valerie Plame Wilson on nuclear abolition and "Countdown to Zero" film.  And: What about that Valerie Plame actton figure?


The great Daniel Schorr has died at 93.  Worked at NPR right up to July 10.  Rare media guy who got MORE hard-hitting as aged. Once had lunch with him and had a blast. … NYT obit reveals paper did not hire Schorr because it already had "too many Jewish bylines." 

Slate details Breitbart’s record of lies….Good piece by L.A. Times’  James Rainey on Breitbartand the media acting as if big fat surprise. Bob Herbert slams White House on Sherrod case. …..Fun:  what Henry Rollins has to say about Breitbart, Vilsack and Sherrod… Bernie Goldberg on O’Reilly’s Fox show last night: Sherrod is a "racial bomb thrower."

4 more American troops killed in Afghan bombing.  That brings month’s total to at least 52….  Reuters: Taliban official says Afghan insurgents have captured 2 U.S. soldiers; U.S. reportedly offering $20,000 reward for information.

Remember that unusual NYT fact-checking article in June about the Oliver Stone film about Hugo Chavez and Latin America? He and two writers have a letter in today’s Times (ouch, on a Saturday) responding:  "Your article about our film is yet another example of this irrational hostility." It also notes " your editorial board’s initial endorsement (modified three days later) of the military coup that briefly overthrew Venezuela’s democratic government in 2002."

VEGAS NOTION   Van Jones at Netroots Nation in Las Vegas: Hey, lay off Obama a little bit…. Check out straw poll questions from the convention.

THE WARREN RETORT   Barney Frank makes pitch for Eliz Warren appointment: "far and away the best candidate."

BYTES & PIECES:    MIke Allen has excerpt from upcoming Harold "Flyover" Ford, Jr.’s memoir, with slam at Sen. Schumer, more….New BP parody commercial uses strong friggin’ language…  NYT Sunday Mag with big feature on gay/transgender rap craze out of New Orleans with great name"the sissy bounce."  


Yes, they’ve created "Mad Men" Barbie dolls.  And as Matthew Weiner says, Don Draper was the original Ken.  


 Great new mashup, as Moby adds instrumental backing to poet laureate Leonard Cohen reading his poem on his current world tour, "Where There Used To Be a Street."   A "sequel to the old red, white and blue."