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New one from Frank Rich will draw debate: the negatives of the Web and social networking for liberal politics. 

SNL mocks Christine O’Donnell "not a witch" ad.

Yesterday I noted upcoming NYT piece on "gay icon" Ann Coulter—it arrives w/ giant photo on front page of "style" section. NYT also puts on front page of the whole damn paper a photo of Islamaphobe hater Pamela Geller.

 Researchers create tool that tracks bogus info on Twitter, uncovers original misinformers.  h/t Barbara Bedway

SOUL ON ICE The great soul singer Solomon Burke has died at age 70.

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL Shocked to see Nate Silver naming good guy, Rep. John "Orleans" Hall, likely loser to GOPer. My earlier piece hereTop 5 in a Tea Bag straw poll:  Christie, Palin, Paul, Gingrich,DeMint. The New Jersey guv is giant Springsteen fan but is he born to run?

DIRTY CAMPAIGN I’ll be on GRIT TV tomorrow re:My book The Campaign of the Century,  winner of the Goldsmith Book Prize, which  has just been published in a new edition. It probes one of most influential, and dirtiest,  political campaigns ever—Upton Sinclair’s incredible 1934 race for governor of California, leading one of the greatest mass movements ever,  and the birth of modern electoral politics. Wild. In paper now, "e-editions" to come.


AP: Liu Xia, wife of Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, has ‘disappeared,’ his lawyer says.

Via our own Jon Wiener, Lennon/FBI scholar, on John’s 70th birthday: Bob Dylan’s letter to the feds on why they shouldn’t kick  Lennon out, includes slap at media. And links to more letters. See Lennon video clips below on this page.

Paul Krugman: The Mortgage Morass. 


Featured on Maher last nite: The saga of Rich Iott, GOP nominee and pretend Nazi, from Joshua Green. Also on Maher: The tragic thing is that the now seriously stupid and unfunny P.J. O’Rourke was probably NOT drunk. 

British aid worker Linda Norgrove killed by kidnappers in Afghanistan during failed rescue attempt. Plus, 4 more NATO troops killed today there. And: Gunmen in Pakistan set ablaze 2 dozen tankers carrying fuel for troops in Afghan.

Shocked to see Nate "The Great" Silver of 538.com and NYT today only give NY good guy Rep. John "Orleans" Hall only one in three chance of beating GOP challenger. See my piece this week. John needs another "Colbert bump." 

NYT piece for Sunday on Ann Coulter "re-making" her image (partly as a rightwing gay "icon"). Oddly, or not, it’s in the "Style & Fashion" section.

MOORE PRAISE Michael Moore tweets that the new doc "Budrus" is "maybe the best film I’ve seen about Palestine." It involves a joint relief/protest effort with Israelis. 

HIATT AND LOW  Andrew Sullivan: The WaPo’s New Low as Fred Hiatt publishes D’Souza’s "Kenyan anti-colonialist" Obama poison. Hiatt defends.  

SHIRLEY A TRAGEDY Terrific L.A. Times probe, after getting emails, on how administration made "rash" decision in firing Shirley Sherrod.   

THE WHORE TRUTH  Also from L.A. Times, columnist Steve Lopez says that Meg Whitman may not be a "whore," as the Jerry Brown aide said, but she is certainly a "hypocrite." 


Who else but John Lennon, on his 70th birthday? One of my prized possessions is a letter sent to me by John back in my Crawdaddy days, along with a photo of him at a urinal with his inscribed caption, "Just pissing about." Here he hits "pigheaded politicians" in "Gimme Some Truth."  


Some lighthearted Lennon moments from concerts, Beatles movies, videos, interviews.