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Don’t miss: Think Progress wih partial transcript (and fact-checking) of Liz Cheney, Arianna, Markos, George Will on ABC’s "This Week" today, with a debunking of Liz defending Halliburton, dad and Bush.

Murder most fowl?  Scientists debate killing or cleaning birds soiled by Gulf oil spill. … Almost endless number of Beatles songs McCartney could have sung at White House this week to hit BP.  My pick: "Blackbird."  ….  I’m considering starting a Twitter feed: "Shit BP Says." Think there’s a TV sit-com in it? MIchael Sheen as Anthony Heyward? Bill Nighy?

Warning sign at BP gas station:  "You are responsible for spills."  ….  From that faux @BPGlobalPR twitter feed:   "Words can not express how sorry we are. So we are going to stop apologizing and just give our investors 10 billion dollars."

NYT today assesses, gasp, some new sentiment in D.C. that, surprise, maybe Israel is hurting us these days…. . IDF admits it doctored audio of boat capture to make passengers seems like anti-Semites.  Max Blumenthal:   Glenn Kessler of Wash Post must correct story.  ...   Foreign Policy:  Must-read account of effects of blockade in Gaza…..  As usual, more tough analysis and critical opinion on Israel at Israeli paper Haaretz than in American media….. Horrid:  AP interviews Portland, Maine, filmmaker who was on flotilla ship — first-hand account of attack, then to prison and beatings there…. Glenn Greenwald tweets:  "Amazing to watch how long-time U.S. ally -Turkey -is transformed into The Enemy as soon as it has conflict with Israel." 

FEEL A LITTLE "GLEE"  Mixed in with other marriage write-ups in NYT today:   swell actress Jane Lynch and Lara Embry (in Massachusetts).  Cool photo too.

BUM RUSH  Lizz Winstead tweets that Rush Limbaugh and new bride honeymooning in "Viagra Falls."  Glenn Greenwald: "Newt Gingrich on 3rd marriage, Rush Limbaugh  on #4: Defenders of ‘traditional marriage.’"

WILD CLIMAX   That porn actor accused of murder has died after falling off a cliff in California.  He had been threatening to jump, while wielding a sword.  Cops apparently used taser on him shortly before he jumped.  Some or all of it on live TV?  

DON’T MESS WITH BILL  Text of Bill Maher’s "rule" Friday night hitting the climate change deniers and urging Al Gore to make a sequel to his film.

THE SUNDAY ‘TIMES’    Nick Kristof in column reveals he had surgery for cancerous tumor in kidney last week.– in the "NIck" of time (turned out to not be malignant).    Says this makes him appreciate a blue sky more.  Closes by urging people to get checkups, eat better, don’t use plastic when you micrcowave, and more.  His colleague Floyd Norris had revealed own cancer recently….  Frank Rich to Obama: "Don’t get mad, get even" — and save your presidency…. Joe Nocera eviscerates financial "reform" package.  

BITS & PIECES  That school mural in Arizona won’t get faces of kids whitened after all, school officials apologize…..   A Crude awakening:  Chevron vs. film-maker, covered by NPR….. Correction of the day:  that chord at beginning of Stones’ song was D not A.

DOUBTING THOMAS  Hearst considering letting Helen Thomas go after remarks about Israelis under rightwing pressure.


Happened to catch great band Heartless Bastards on Austin City Limits last night.  Whatta singer!  You go girl.



AP:  Cap on Gulf oil leak only collecting small part of gushing crude.  Bob Herbert on another oil disaster –– in the Amazon….. Pelicans, briefly:  AP photographer Charlie Riedel, who made front page all over USA, narrates his powerful images of oil-soaked birds on MSNBC…. 

Another aid ship steaming to Gaza, the Rachel Corrie, with only 20 on board,  was warned by israeli Navy to stop, and it didn’t, then was halted and towed to shore without violence …..Ethan Bronner,  respected NYT reporter and bureau chief — whose son is in IDF — co-writes major piece for paper on the IDF assault on flotilla. It differs quite a bit in some facts and emphasis from some passengers’ claims (now finally available).  Public editor for the NYT asked that he be re-assigned months ago because of just this scenario….Israeli daily Haaretz with usual good range of news and opinion, including Turkish leader vowing to visit Gaza and break blockade, Sweden banning Israeli ships next week in protest, and much more.

This time, Coach John Wooden is actually dead, at 99.

Fun Gail Collins take on wacky primaries coming up next week in AZ and S. Carolina.  Sex, chickens, ragheads and more…   NYT Magazine cover story tomorrow on World Cup, plus Frank Bruni on Carly Fiorina and Christopher Hitchens Q & A.  Big NYT travel piece tomorrow on nightlife in…Ramallah. 

OLIVIA NEWBIE JOINS Young male audience bait?   New Daily Show correspondent, Olivia Munn, debuted Thursday night.  Besides experience at gamer show G4 she has done Playboy cover and Maxim spread….. Our own Katrina, Andrew Sullivan, Van Jones were great on Bill Maher last night, watch for re-runs.…. Huff Post just dumped longtimer Hillary Rosen due to her BP ties.

MUCH MORE ON ISRAEL/GAZA:  It’s come to this: Liz Cheney faults Obama  (who has refused to condemn Israel) for simply saying, pro forma,  that loss of life in  flotilla raid was "tragic." CNN:  Autopsy results in and show:  show all 9 victims died of gunshot wounds, one at very close range, like execution.  Rep. Sherman, Democrat of Calif,  wants to prosecute U.S. flotilla members under Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act.   Krauthammer now guilty of "Israel Derangement Syndrome"?   M.J. Rosenberg on right wing (e.g. Beck) fervid backing of Israel.   Thinking the unthinkable–or not?  Michael Wolff asks, "What if we drop Israel?"  Marcy Winogrand, running against  Rep. Jane Harmon in Calif., questions her backer, Rep.  Henry Waxman:  Is he more loyal to U.S. or to israel?  He fires back..          

GET REAL:  Part of last night’s Bill Maher show, Palin the subject….. State of Play, re-make with Russell Crowe as newspaper reporter, debuts on HBO tonight.  Only so-so but does feature Helen Mirren as Katherine Graham type publisher–and copies of my old magazine, E&P, in her office.  

IRAQ WILL ALWAYS BE WITH US?   Remember Iraq?  Good NY Review of Books piece here on its "Summer of Uncertainty"….

KAGAN’S BILL  Quick view of Kagan in the Clinton White House, based on (some) of those 46,000 documents just released.


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