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Sunday morning TV:  Axelrod announces Obama to (finally) address nation on Gulf leak from Oval Office this Tuesday.  News also emerges that Obama will demand new "escrow" account for BP penalty payments.   And he asks Congress for emergency $50 billion for states who will face "massive" layoffs of teachers, cops, firefighters.

Glenn Greenwald on John McCain’s new piece calling for regime change in Iran, which is in the New Republic, "exactly where it should be." 

Fantastic:  You may have read that  hard-rocking Rush is Rand Paul’s favorite band (they once claimed to be libertarians and Ayn Rand fans).  Now group is suing him for using one of their songs at victory party and in campaign.   They think he is "a tool," no less.

Sunday’s laughable Mo Dowd column: why can’t Obama (Nixon) be more like good guy Joe BIden (Kennedy)?  The trouble began when he did not schmooze with reporters on press plane back in 2008 …. Frank RIch:  Why can’t America be more like "Glee"?   And, also, let people marry who they choose, just like Rush Limbaugh did.

Haaretz on Israel’s desperation to avoid a real investigation of the flotilla incident.

If you’ve somehow missed the trailer for Glenn Beck’s "teast the panther" thriller coming this week.  No, this is not from Jon Stewart::      


Clark Hoyt’s final column as public editor of NYT.  For those who have criticized him, remember he directed Knight Ridder’s coverage of runup to Iraq war that got (and deserved) all those plaudits.  One revelation in his farewell:  "A writer shaken by a conclusion I was reaching told me, if you say that, I’ll have to kill myself. I said, no, you won’t. Well, the writer said, I’ll have to go in the hospital." No successor for Hoyt named yet. One of his predecessors, Dan Okrent, now has bestselling book on Prohibition.

Andy Borowitz:  "BREAKING: BP Promises to Fix Leak; Asks U.S. If Someone Will Be Home Between 8 and 5." …. Why it’s not easy to boycott BP….

WORLD CUP REFLECTIONS   Brit tabloids don’t react well to 1-1 tie with USA …. While NY Post declares in headline  "USA Wins 1-1" …. As Kermit sang, "It’s not easy being Green." ….   Now we know Obama’s strategy in Afghanistan — keep kicking ball toward goal and hope Taliban let it go through their hands.  Playing for the tie. …. Idea for horror film: Millions of TV watchers driven insane by sound of locusts attacking soccer  stadium. The Swarm 2

PALIN OR BUST    Not a joke:  Greta van Susteran asked Palin about alleged "breast implants" last nite. Palin mocked "boob-gate" but claimed she now wears "layer" so people won’t study.   A "cover up"? 

SLOW MONEY COMING FAST   Important Fiscal Times piece on the "slow money" movement — investing locally to help local business. 

BITS & PIECES   Massive NYT piece on "Singularity" — the alleged coming merger of man and machine (your joke here) …. Mobs burn villages, slaughter Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan: …..Times of London:  Japan bribed small nations with cash, prostitutes to gain support for whaling, investigation reveals….  


Sunday in the Church of Beethoven



QUITTING AFGHANISTAN   Shocking and disturbing Dexter Filkins front-pager in the NYT:  Karzai no longer believes U.S. and NATO can win in Afghan and is making secret deals with Taliban and Pakistan. Two top officials have quit.   Strong Bob Herbert column today on "The Courage to Quit Afghanistan."  The New Republic,  in study of left-liberal "silence" on Afghanistan,  notes two main exceptionsThe Nation and Mother Jones.

OBAMA DOLL  Weekly Standard selling Obama "stress doll"  that allows you to crush Obama’s head in your hand.  Democrats respond.….  Obama in Politico interview hits those who complain about feds and regulation and want government to "stop doing so much"  — then want help in crisis, handouts, etc. 

PINK  PANTHER  Media Matters has what it calls an "exclusive" look at Glenn Beck’s wacky upcoming novel:  "As we slogged through its many plot holes, ridiculous narrative devices, and long-winded limited-government sermonizing passed off as dialogue, we singled out ten moments that define The Overton Window as the truly and remarkably awful novel that it is."   Even a sex scene where the man advises,  "don’t tease the panther."  That’s already inspired dozens of Beck jokes.

DAY OF THE LOCUSTS   If you tuned in World Cup for USA game and were appalled, not to mention driven almost insane,  by the continual drone of African horns  you are not alone.  

GOING SOUTH   Gail Collins on Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene and wacky S. Carolina.  The state just won’t quit…. Shep Smith interviews teen who accused Alvin Greene of showing her porn in school.

PALIN COMPARISON  Newsweek cover story coming today: "Saint Sarah: What Palin’s Appeal to Conservative Christian Women Says about Feminism and the Future of the Religious Right."   Vanity Fair has some fun with devlish alternative images of Palin  (below) for that cor while Jezebel calls her "false prophet" of feminism….

BITS & PIECES  .No can do:  Hall & Oates, never known for politics, cancel Arizona concert in protest …  Friendly Wash Post profile of Nikki Haley, did not know about famed "leopard print" heels….  Kyrgyzstan invites Russian troops to end unrest:… Clinton Library will NOT turn over Elena Kagan’s notes on Paula Jones case….. Great photo essay on Baghdad’s blast walls…..

MAHER, MADDOW, McCAIN  Bill Maher on his HBO show last night with one of his stupidest comments: "Why do people say media is pro-Israel?"   .But, if you’re interested in watching in HBO re-airing,, he  also has Oliver Stone on his South America film and Hugo Chavez,  and Queen Noor on the antinuke "Countdown to Zero" movie, plus Maddow taking on Bill Frist.   Maher mention John McCain (this is true) tweeting a reply to Snooki of Jersey Shore: "How nice, she has a new friend and he has his next vice presidential candidate."

GEORGE WILL IMPERFECT  PolitiFact has some fun fact-checking George Will’s recent claim that the final pitch in Don Larsen’s famous 1956 perfect game was "a foot and a half outside."  They study the tapes and written record and agree it might have been a ball, but just barely.  See video, too.

THUMBS UP/DOWN  ON TWEETS:  Twitter maniac Roger Ebert  on "My Life as a Twit." …. Many World Cup players banned from social media.

SLICK HUMOR:  Andy Borowitz:  "BP spokesman just said the flow had stopped. Then added, ‘Wait, you mean oil? I meant water.’"

CATCH-2010:  Milo MInderbinder goes to Afghanistan.


BP’s Tony Heyward, or a reasonable facsimile,  asks for helping on plugging the leak.  Send along your Star Wars figurines, for example.


With the latest grims news from Afghanistan — all month, really — Neil Young’s "Living With War" never seemed more apt.