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MIke Allen with lot of quotes from Sunday morning TV shows: Gibbs, Axelrod, more.  Do we will really care how they think Obama would do one-on-one vs. Lebron?

NYT w/ big piece on wacky candidate Alvin Greene, settling on merely calling him "enigmatic." … Top L.A. Times story:  Growing number of scientists hitting White House on policies. 

Cleveland Cav owner slashes price on life-size Lebron decal from $99.99 to $17.41, year Benedict Arnold was born. … Maureen Dowd weighs in here. Andy Borowitz: "BREAKING:  Cleveland Cavaliers Owner Needs to Control Anger, Says Mel Gibson."

Too late for World Cup fans, a fatwa declared against the vezuvelas.  Not a joke.

Here we go again:  Sarah Palin tweets today re: Nevada GOP candidate,  "Sharon Angle’s right: new workers should get to invest some Social Security withholdings in their own savings accounts." 

In a rarity, NYT non-fiction bestseller list today has no far-right authors (unless you count Laura Bush and Hitchens).


New CENTCOM chief once said it is "a helluva lot of fun" to shoot people in Afghanistan.   Five more American troops killed there today, bringing tragic total to 21 for month an 223 for year. 

Gail Collins finds "Lebron Angle" to everything, particularly various candidates running for office, sort of. 

Haunting video below, collected and compiled from cell phones to offer a different view,  of the BART shooting of Oscar Grant that set up violence in Oakland–as did, to a lesser extent, the verdict on Thursday that found cop guility but only of manslaughter.  Background on video here.    Plus:  Justice Clarence Thomas’s mentally ill nephew tasered.


S. Korea official commission finds U.S. troops killed groups of civilians 138 times in Korean war.   But will seek redress in  only a few cases. 

Rare accepting look at abortion on TV sure to spark controversy after Friday Night Lights‘ latest episode.

Mark Twain in upcoming "unexpurgated autobiography" is more political than imagined, against foreign interventions, hitting Wall Street tycoons and more.  At one point Twain refers to American soldiers as “uniformed assassins.”  He also admits:  “In my schoolboy days, I had no aversion to slavery. I was not aware there was anything wrong about it.”  NYT:  "Twain’s opposition to incipient imperialism and American military intervention in Cuba and the Philippines, for example, were well known even in his own time. But the uncensored autobiography makes it clear that those feelings ran very deep and includes remarks that, if made today in the context of Iraq or Afghanistan, would probably lead the right wing to question the patriotism of this most American of American writers." 

See my new pieces on reaction to CNN’s controversial firing of Octavia Nasr over a tweet —  and on Andrew Bacevich and his turn against Afghan war here.  


It’s summer music festival season so here’s Bob Dylan at Newport in early 1960s–before his famous "goes electric" breakthrough in 1965–doing one of his greatest protest songs, "Only a Pawn in Their Game."   



The now-famous Paul the Octopus just keeps on picking World Cup winners, but if you keep doubting him, this may happen to us (you know how excitable soccer fans get).  Cue the vezuvelas!