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Bono pens NYT op-ed on this week’s shocking "Bloody Sunday" report:  justice at last for families, and lessons for elsewhere, maybe.  Plus, a flashback to the studio when U2 recorded "Sunday Bloody Sunday."   Record exec: Kill the bloody, bad word for radio…. Update on the Lord Saville report itself, and the man at least partly responsible, as I highlighted earlier this week, for it:  the whistleblowing "Soldier 027" (now in witness protection program).

Frank Rich: Obama was right, this is a "9/11" moment, and he needs to "clean house" and clean clocks–and show government can work. … Nick Kristof for Father’s Day pays tribute to his late dad and the immigrant experience…. See my new piece for all the dads whose kids have not come home from our wars: One man ‘s story.

Daily Beast headline:  "ANTICLIMACTIC: Federal Panel Votes Against ‘Female Viagra."

Naomi Klein on Gulf leak, a "hole in the earth," and the "hubris" of capitalism. …. Andy Borowtiz imagines BP boss Tony Hayward’s comment on going to yacht races yesterday:   "Well, at least my yacht doesn’t have a leak."

Another day, another report of Afghan civilians, including kids, killed in air strike….

Wash Post:  Ombud says Deep Throat might be out of luck at the paper today, people with tips don’t know how to reach reporters or have trouble doing it when they try…. High school journalist shows adult reporters how to do it — state senator walks out on tough interview.



AFGHAN AWOL  Nationwide alert for Afghan pilots who went AWOL —  in Texas.   Oh, how much trouble could a few planes do? ….  This comes just as  more concerns raised about Obama’s double-talking on the war back in their home.  George Will  pushing for keeping to timetable for U.S. pullback as timetables threatened (again).

YACHT, ME WORRY?  Tony Hayward reported at yacht races in UK on Saturday — as tar balls arrive in more places in the Gulf.   Locals not amused about "Tony Baloney."  …  Joe Nocera charges that BP for years ignored the "omens of disaster," particularly from two accidents in Alaska and Texas….   The Onion:  "Suffering Blue Whales Plead With Environmentalists To Let Them Go Extinct Already.WSJ:   

WIKILEAK INTRIGUE  Glenn Greenwald with a major probe of the very strange case of the outing of that alleged WikiLeaks source for Iraq "murder" video and much more…..Ezra Klein in tomorrow’s Wash Post:  You’ve seen "the stimulus," now meet "the anti-stimulus," as state cutbacks go in opposite direction. …  Krugman vs. Greenspan’s op-ed:  Yes, facts are biased  …. 

S%#T HAPPENS:    NYT reports that the Twitter-fed "Shit My Dad Says" book has replaced Laura Bush memoir as #1 bestseller.   Laura should have titled her book, "Shit My Dud Says. "

AL FRANKEN’s FULL-COURT PRESS   Mother Jones:  Al Franken takes on the U.S. Supreme Court under Roberts: the rights they care most about are those belonging to corporations, not people, and there’s more danger ahead.

A SORRY CASE  Dems charge, yeah,  Joe Barton apologized about his BP apology but, really,  that’s the GOP position at heart — that BP has been wronged….   Meanwhile, don’t miss fun new site  Apologize to BP.   Like, totally.  You can even submit your own apology. 

HERO RATS   Remember that Nick Kristof column we linked to a couple of days ago–where he suggested  donations to help feed rats used to find old landmines?  More than $50,000 raised so far.  

PAGING LITTLE RICHARD    NYT probes the controversy over call that cost USA a World Cup win.  Good golly, miss by Mali?  …  What Happens When You Auto-Tune a Vuvuzela? Geekosystem Investigates.

BITS & PIECES   Glenn Beck continues  rightwing attack on  soccer: worse  than curling.  Eh?  ….  That rumored Obama admininistration move against Arizona immigration law now looks like it is going forward…  FDA nixes "female viagra" for now…..  And here’s new Democrat ad hitting Joe Barton for his "shakedown" charge.


The unlikely mashup:  Toy Story and The Wire.  




NYT reviews new book about the creation, and world, of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, probably the most influential, popular and revered major piece of music ever written,  especially considering its global impact.  Plus, here’s Sunday Times piece on upcoming New York Philharmonic performances of the Missa Solemnis.  Here’s a trailer for the upcoming film on the Ninth by my friend Kerry Candaele, which takes a worldwide and political look: