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We’ve been hitting the clownish, if dangerous, Jeffrey Goldberg that past couple days so it’s good to see Glenn Greenwald arrive with a full skewering today: "he’s so representative of the American media because the more discredited his journalism becomes, the more blatant propaganda he spews, the more he thrives in our media culture."

Important Andrew Bacevich op-ed in Wash Post on the endless Afghan war and how that won’t change under Gen. Petraeus. Concludes:  "The responsibility facing the American people is clear. They need to reclaim ownership of their army. They need to give their soldiers respite, by insisting that Washington abandon its de facto policy of perpetual war."

Think Progress: On ABC this morning, CIA chief Leon Panetta admits maybe only 50 to 100 al-Qaeda in Afghan, meaning at least 1,000 U.S. troops per…  As we predicted: Sen. Diane Feinstein, a top Dem on foreign affairs, says if Petraeus wants to extend troop drawdown deadline for gosh sake "give it to him."

The Independent from London:  McChrystal’s last briefing for NATO said expect no progress next six months, could take years.

Frank Rich: McChrystal should have been canned earlier and whole affair puts doubts on Obama handling of Afghanistan (not to mention inept mainstream media leaving story to Rolling Stone, which is on a real winning streak)…. Important Dexter Filkins follow on his mindblower of a couple weeks back on Karzai trying to strike deal with the Taliban:  this has the latter’s biggest foes in the country hopping mad … Great new NYT multimedia project following one U.S. battalion in Afghanistan….

NY Post front page head: "This Sport is Stupid Anyway."  The Onion tweets:  "Ghana Defeats U.S. Interest in Soccer."  When Obama and David Cameron met yesteday they made good on their soccer bet (a tie) by exchanging beers.  Here’s what they picked.   England loses badly to Germany–with USA not there to save them this time.

It used to be said of the Brits, but now, according to Camille Paglia it might now apply to us: "Sorry, no sex, we’re American."  …  

150 arrested as peaceful Toronto summit protest splinters, turns violent…  Gitmo of the same, for years:  Don’t bet on it closing any time soon. …Geraldo Rivera equates Michael Hastings, the Rolling Stone scoopster, to al-Qaeda. 

FireDogLake:  Sunday show lineup, including "60 Minutes" and Katrina vandenHeuvel on CNN with Fareed Zakaria.


McCHRYSTAL SHATTERED   Atter little made of this before his exit, now McChrystal allies claim Rolling Stone abused "ground rules" for interviewing.   And  Wash Post lets them hide behind anonymity–on what basis?  Total lack of journalism ethics.  Rolling Stone ably defends itself.  Update:  Now ABC pulls same anonymity trick.

WEIGEL OUT OF IT  The very valuable Dave Weigel  out at Wash Post over caustic private emails leaked from a private list-serv.  New  wrap-up here.   Ezra Klein, also now at the Post, who started the "JournoList" list-serv, now announces he will shut it down, and talks about Weigel here.    Which member of the list serv blew whistle on Weigel? At The Atlantic a critique of Wash Post ombud column on all this.  Sam Stein at Huff Post has the back story.

KVETCH-22  Jeffrey Goldberg, on the other hand, celebrated Weigel’s passing at his Atlantic blog, saying like most young journos today he lacked "toilet training" and wrote stuff off the top of his head.  A few hours later, Goldberg apologized for writing such a harsh view off the top of his head.  Goldberg reveals himself further as a clown here.  

DEMENTED  Bob Herbert on "nightmare" of Afghanistan:  "The American public gave up on the war long ago, and it is not at all clear that President Obama’s heart is really in it. For us to even consider several more years of fighting and dying in Afghanistan — at a cost of heaven knows how many more billions of American taxpayer dollars — is demented."

WHAT’s UP, DOCK?  HE WAS  Edwin Jackson of Diamondbacks pitched no-hitter last night while walking ton of guys–much like the great Dock Ellis when he was on LSD.  If you’ve never seen the classic video "cartoon" about Dock tripping his way to glory:


TURNING OVER STONE   NYT factcheck Oliver Stone today re: new "South of the Border" film.  Rare when they do this for documentary.  No doubt Stone has done more harm to USA than, say, Judy Miller.

FUN READ FOR THE DAY:  A comedian leads his party to victory in Iceland.  "A polar bear display for the zoo. Free towels at public swimming pools. A ‘drug-free Parliament by 2020.’  Iceland’s Best Party, founded in December by a comedian, Jon Gnarr, to satirize his country’s political system, ran a campaign that was one big joke. Or was it?"  Stephen Colbert for U.S. President in 2012?

GENERAL PRINCIPLES  See my new piece here on Gen. Petraeus’ link to high-profile suicide by top officer in Iraq — he was even named in suicide note. 

DEM BLUES  Charles M. Blow: Yes, Dems may be in for tough year, but all demographic signs in ne study look great longterm: "the country is becoming more diverse, more educated and less religious — all bad news for Republicans." ….  What’s good, what’s bad, what’s left out of FinReg bill.

NOT RIGHTEOUS, BROTHER:   NYT tomorrow probes new film on Phil Spector, which uses full-length version of his songs,  and the rules of "fair use. "

NEIL DOWN  If you have ever wished to see Fox’s Neil Cavuto called an "asshole" on live TV you won’t want to miss this, courtest of AFL-CIO chief economist.  Cavuto had accused him of getting his degree from "a baking school."


Don’t miss "Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger," starring David Horowitz, Michele Bachmann and more, then head for the hills, the Commies are coming!



Read NYT rave for Beethoven’s towering "Missa Solemnis" performed by New York Philharmonic (I am attending tonight).  Here’s just one highlight, depicting the Holy Spirit — or as I would prefer to think of it, wholly spirit — coming down to earth.