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War in Afghanistan NYT poll finds only 3 percent rate US war in Afghan as top issue—even though most say it’s going badly and want us out…. Nick Kristof on life for average Afghans today. 

Rude "Awakening"—Our Sunni allies in Iraq quitting to rejoin rebels. Wait, isn’t this war over?

Frank Rich on right wing violence and rage—and predicts it won’t end after Election Day. 

Israeli air strike kills two Palestinians in Gaza.

GOP senate candidate in Colorado Ken Buck says homosexuality like alcoholism….  Slate: "If there’s one thing that counts against candidates this year, it’s knowing what they’re doing." …. Maybe most polls this year on election races are "cuckoo"? 

Nate Silver’s latest odds on House races (GOP still with excellent chance of seizing control). In one race I’m following, odds against Rep. John Hall in New York rise to 78 percent. Dems still expected to barely hold Senate….

Breitbart at Palin fest. You’ve been warned. Ditto on crazy Sharon Angle.

Airing all weekend on NPR’s "On the Media" and posted online now: interview with me about my new book—and amazing influence of Upton Sinclair’s run for governor.  Plus my new piece here at The Nation (in print next week) on same subject: When a grassroots movement pushed a Democratic president to the LEFT, not the right—and also inspired the birth of the modern political campaign and Hollywood’s first major plunge into politics.


More horrid details on case of US soldiers killing Afghan civilians for sport. How could officers not have known? 

Interesting segment on Bill Maher’s HBO show last night on electric cars—he just bought a Tesla. Yes, a new Volt costs about  $41,000 but he gets a $7500 tax credit from the feds and $5000 from California, if I heard correctly.

Charles M. Blow: Can the black vote decide key contests this year? 

Paul Krugman on "The Boehnerization of Barack Obama." Why has stimulus become a dirty word? he asks.

Lee Abrams, the Tribune Co. exit caught emailing raunchy video, finally resigns. The other exec who merely asked waitress to bare her breasts still around. NYT public editor wrongly hit David Carr’s reporting on that yesterday. 

During meltdown by his old team, the Texas Rangers, last night, I expected to see George W. Bush, seated in the front row, to do what he always does in the midst of disaster—start reading "The Pet Goat." 

More controversy over soldiers who commit suicide not getting condolence letter.

If you can, see great documentary "Budrus," on (successful) Palestinian non-violent resistance against Israel’s security wall running through a village. Trailer:  Meanwhile, today, Israeli plan to end constuction freeze clouds peace talks.


Those wacky Taiwanese news/animation geniuses at it again, this time with New York candidate Carl Paladino as subject.