I’ve long hailed hardcore troubadour/political activist Steve Earle in this space and elsewhere, for his words and music and physical presence versus everything from capital punishment to landmines. Earlier this week I posted his great and always-timeless song “Jerusalem.” I’ve interviewed him about his reading habits and love for Hank WillIams and Townes van Zandt, and lamented his sudden demise on Treme.

Naturally, he was one of the first (if not the first) major music stars to rally to the anti-Walmart protests.

Here is a little spot he cut for the rallies vs. Walmart coming to Chinatown in LA back in June (“I’ve never known Walmart to be a good neighbor”). It includes the first verse of his new “I’m Thinking About Burning the Walmart Down” song. Below that he sings the whole song in concert.

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