This is not how the GOP bosses planned it. On the morning after the close of a fact-, but also generally glitch-free, national convention much of the country is talking not about Mitt and Paul but Clint and his (Empty) Chair.

Yes, the liberal commentators were claiming the aging Eastwood’s routine with the chair (and an invisible, Harvey-like Obama) had wrecked the final night, but even top McCain strategist Steve Schmidt, on MSNBC, said the same thing. Even some folks on Fox rolled their eyes. On the web the “Clint’s Chair” and #Eastwooding memes spread like wildfire. it was the hottest visual web meme since the Pepper Spray Cop.

I had some fun with last night over on Twitter, claiming that Clint’s Chair had just been booked for two nights at a strip club in Charlotte for the DNC. That it was outpolling Romney in a new Gallup survey. That Bob Dylan had announced, “I’m (Also) Not There.” Also: We may need a fourth presidential debate this year, between Clint’s Empty Chair and Akin’s Empty Chair (just about any Empty Suit could moderate).

Jonathan Chait on Twitter imagined the scene offstage: “I don’t think I’ll use the teleprompter.” “Uh, okay.” “And I’ll need a chair.” “You can’t sit during your speech!” “It’s not for me.”

Fox helpfully (?) posted entire transcript of Eastwood chatting with chair. Roger Ebert tweeted: “Clint, my hero, is coming across as sad and pathetic. He didn’t need to do this to himself. It’s unworthy of him.” For the full performance, you can watch video.  Ironically, in Clint’s next film he stars as a codger who is…losing his eyesight.  Watch trailer here.

Michael Moore writes today at Daily Beast: “Speaking to Invisible Obama last night, in a performance that seemed to have been written by Timothy Leary and performed by Cheech & Chong, Clint Eastwood was able to drive home to tens of millions of viewers the central message of this year’s Republican National Convention: ‘We Are Delusional and Detached from Reality. Vote for Us!’”  Moore also reveals that Clint once threatened to shoot him–perhaps not in jest.

Since it’s a holiday weekend, rather than bloviate, let’s just kick back and relax a bit and have some fun with it.

Mashable is collecting examples of the visual art. An earlier example here. Or order an actual Obama Chair here. (BTW, the Eastwood Chair is a famous Mission/Stickley model from years back.) This three-seater, though, produced a legal complaint.

Seth Myers of SNL said the only way the DNC could top this was for Joe Biden to appear "shirtless." In a more serious vein, old Star Trek star George Takei theatened to draft a speech he’d give at the DNC, talking to an invisible Romney–in a shuttered factory.  

And someone even caught Clint reprimanding the chair for its poor supporting performance offstage after the speech: