Recently, warehouses contracted by Walmart have proven to be as aggressive at thwarting workers’ rights as the retail giant itself. After workers at a Walmart-contracted warehouse in Chico, California, were awarded $1.1 million in stolen wages, they spoke of retaliation for speaking out.

Then, in late February, the National Labor Relations Board issued a complaint against companies involved in staffing and managing Walmart’s largest distribution center in the United States. The complaint alleged that the company had threatened and punished workers for organizing, even firing those active in advocating for their constitutionally protected rights.


Tell Walmart CEO Mike Duke that Walmart-contracted warehouses must stop standing in the way of workers exercising their Constitutional right to organize.


Josh Eidelson’s recent report detailed the National Labor Relations Board allegations of illegal repeated retaliation against organizing workers at Walmart’s leading US warehouse.


This video, created by Walmart warehouse workers themselves to illuminate their grievances, makes clear why they’re fighting company retaliation so aggressively.