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Rather than do the usual Daybook collection of widely-scattered links and videos, we’ll basically stick to items related to the tragic assassination attempt on a US congresswoman on Saturday, leading to her critical wounding and the deaths of six others, including her aide, a federal judge and a nine-year-old girl.

Note: Yes, I am live-blogging WikiLeaks again here. The extensive wild weekend wrapup here.

GUNS  The magazine clip for Loughner’s gun was illegal under the (now-expired) Clinton assault weapons ban… At Huff Post, head of leading gun control hits Arizona laws and "2nd Amendment remedies."… Gail Collins:  We need "sane regulation of weapons that make it easiest for crazy people to create mass slaughter." Fail drug test: can’t join military and handle weapons under tight control. But totally uncontrolled as civilian? Buy guns at will… Shooting inspires pro-gun lawmakers to… carry weapons…

LOUGHNER  New NYT piece includes look at several right-wing groups he may have liked or borrowed rhetoric from… Good post on Loughner by Mark Potok of SPLC and Hatewatch… Mother Jones with "exclusive" interview with close Loughner friend, his "dream" state and a missed phone call… Pete Williams on NBC last night confirmed law enforcement looking at his interest in "far-right" groups. No mention of "left."…WSJ describes Loughner’s ’07 exchange w/ Giffords: "How do you know words mean anything?" She responded in Spanish… Director of American Renaissance denies link to Loughner on his racist site (though what would he subscribe to print magazine to be a follower??) — and note "Tea Party HQ" ad for flags at upper left.  

HATE SPEECH  Tim Egan at NYT on that case of man reciting Glenn Beck nearly "word for word" arrested for threatening Sen. Patty Murray…. Krugman: "Let’s not make a false pretense of balance" between right and left toxic rhetoric. But Ross Douthat weighs in w/ expected left as bad as right in preaching violence… Timetable of political violence over past two years, via Digby…. Blog post by woman who suggested using Olbermann for target practice just taken down by… somebody. Background… : Dave Weigel on Palin’s map: Targets or "surveyor symbols"?…. Jack Shafer of Slate got jumped on by a lot of people for this. I disagree on violent part. "Our spirited political discourse, complete w/… yes, violent imagery—is a good thing."

Melissa McEwan:  "There is no lefist equivalent to" all of these rightwingers.

NYT re-enacts shooting. 

Good George Packer take on the shooting at New Yorker site…

So, logically, GOP will now endorse a movement to ban gun stores within a mile of hallowed site of Giffords’ shooting, right?

Giffords’ surgeon’s Iraq/Afghanistan battlefield experience… New technology: Giffords brother-in-law, from space shuttle, tweets: "want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers, words of condolences and encouragement."

Nice profile of Sheriff Dupnik: The frank opinions we heard Saturday were totally in character, it seems. 

Bill Maher tweets: "Hey Republicans who r condemning AZ shooting – if u didn’t condemn Sharon Angle’s ‘2nd amendment remedies’ just shut up now." 

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