The idea behind the deletion clue is simple: the solution is obtained from another word by the removal of a letter. For example:
   EXIT Be without stamina, initially, and leave (4)
   (EXIST minus S)

In this post, we will take a quick tour of the many ways deletions are used in cryptic clues.

The letter can be taken from the front:
   ADDLE Puzzle: how a duck can walk without a head (5)
   (from WADDLE)

Or it can be taken from the back:
   INDIC Almost accuse in connection with the subcontinent (5)
   (from INDICT)

A letter can be removed simultaneously from the front and back:
   LIMB Branch rises, naked (4)
   (from CLIMBS)

Deletions can also be combined with almost any sort of cryptic clue. Here are some more intricate examples.

With a reversal:
   STAMINA  Brings to life, rising without energy or endurance (7)
   CARDIGAN  Horse I’d almost race backwards in a sweater (8)

With an anagram:
   LUDICROUS  Ridiculous, absurd, lacking one bit of intelligence! (9)
   EXECS  Excess nearly rumpled suits (5)

With a charade:
   INCENTIVE  Van Gogh, a little late: “I have a carrot” (9)
   IMPRUDENT  Careless urchin, unrefined and not without love (9)

With a container:
   MEETS  Runs across Mississippi, keeping feet uncovered (5)
   BIPED  Devil losing heart in bed with woman, perhaps (5)

And finally, here is an example of an unusual deletion clue:
   WHERE  A question that might be answered by decapitation (5)

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