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–Frank Rich in Sunday column hits press for paryying in D.C. at "nerdprom" while bomb nearly exploded in Times Square.   (BTW, NYT bans reporters from attending, one of the rare media outlets to do so.)

–Just up at New Republic:  Al Gore on the oil slick and more, "The Crisis Comes Ashore." Somehow he will survive pounding from David Frum on Bill Maher’s show last night.

NYT hasn’t stressed this enough, but now David Sanger appears with a big piece for the Sunday Week in Review on how drone attacks in Afghan/Pakistan may be making us less safe.   Meanwhile, we’re also shooting more Afghans accidentally at checkpoints, which also doesn’t help the cause. 

–AP re-constructs White House response to oil spill.  Concludes: Obama did okay.  Not his Katrina.

–The other night we noted Jon Meacham on The Daily Show claiming that Newsweek was one of the media outlets that is a kind of Catcher in the Rye for democracy in USA.  Now here’s how Holden Caulfield might react. 

–Big NYT piece for Sunday by Scott Shane on Anwar al-Awlaki the super-influential Muslim cleric who is inspiring many to acts of terror. 

–Funny but true:   "Kanellos the Protest Dog" seems to have shown up at every recent demo in Greece. Gallery at The Guardian proves it.  Worldwide cult in the making!

—-See my new post today on newsman who  tapes that broadcast of 1951 execution featured in NYT this week.  He has committed suicide.


–We predicted this from the start and now appears likely that the Times Square bomber actually received no training from Taliban abroad and was simply inspired by them.  General Petraeus said this yesterday but McClatchy beat him to it with this report.  Now think back to the dozens of media reports since Sunday asserting as fact that he received training and instruction when he was in Pakistan.  As I pointed out at the time: This was based mainly on the suspect’s "confession"–severely contradicted by the hapless nature of his actions.  More on this later.

–Bill Maher last night:   Rush Limbaugh has been so nuts lately because the bar on crazy has been raised so high by Glenn Beck that Rush feels need to compete.   Maher also got back at George Will (remember their fight on ABC’s "This Week" last Sunday?) buy pointing out that he is a "climate change denier."  David Frum said Will wasn’t all that wrong about that–and then was attacked by Salman Rusdie, also on the panel.

Updates on Brit election, as negotiations continue (heated?) with calls on Clegg to "hold his nerve" and "not walk away."

–Charles M. Blow with another column on racism and the tea partiers.  He doesn’t buy their denials. 

Wash Post ombud Andy Alexander tomorrow on the paper ignoring sexual orientation in the Brian Betts case.

–PBS’s new "Need to Show" program last night–it replaces "NOW" and BIll Moyers’ "Journal"–opened with long segment on the new surge in gun sales and weakening of gun laws, and included a slam at Obama for doing nothing about gun control since taking office, despite campaign promises.

–With Kagan likely to be named SCOTUS pick on Monday, The Atlantic looks at how the GOP will go after her.  Many liberal blogs unhappy about the "moderate liberal" pick but predict that the left will have no choice but to get behind her when Repubs go after her.  Plus: Glenn Greenwald has been away from his blog this week but has been tweeting opposition to Kagan, with links.

–If you haven’t caught up with my post here on Wash Post blog downplaying new Birther poll.

–Gail Collins pays tribute to 50th anniversary of The Pill.

–Update on those 4 reporters barred from Gitmo coverage: McClatchy goes ahead and names interrogator anyway.

–Another mainstream pundit FAIL, as Sestak tops Arlen in poll for primary.

–More links later, folks.


A vintage "Even Stephen/Steven" debate from The Daily Show, with Colbert vs. Carell on Islam vs. Christianity.