Alex Pareene at Salon has had some fun this week counting down what he calls media’s "30 Biggest Hacks," or his "Hack Thirty." It’s an impressive, or depressing, list, depending on how you look at it, and competition was so fierce, Michelle Malkin didn’t even make it. 

You’ll find some of your least favorites there, from Marty Peretz and Jonah Goldberg  to, at the very top, Richard Cohen and Mark Halperin. The Washington Post grabs eight slots and the New York Times contributes David Brooks and even those alleged liberals Maureen Dowd and Thomas Friedman. 

Anyway, for much-needed balance, and to remain positive (for a rare time?), allow me to propose that you, dear readers, vote for a 30 Biggest Heroes of the media, using the Comments section below, or e-mailing me at, or filing via Twitter  @GregMitch. Of course, you can and should include bloggers and social (network) misfits, plus TV hosts and satirists and pundits, and even print legends!

Keep it to those still alive and active. Yeah, we know I.F. Stone and Molly Ivins would make any all-time list.

Of course, I mean "hero" loosely—we know there are few media types, or any types, you would endorse fully but do the best you can.  Obviously, you don’t have to vote for thirty, you can leave it at one if that’s all you can really get behind. Voting ends late Friday, and  I will tally votes by the end of  the weekend.  Join in!

UPDATE: Thanks to the hundreds who have voted so far. Keep them coming, through Friday night, but please, for Thanksgiving just stuff yourself, not the ballot box. See my "Leader Board" as of Friday morning here.

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