So maybe they’re not so against stimulus after all. In fact, the Republican National Committee has been giving a little stimulus of their own to an overlooked demographic group: strippers.

That’s right, according to last year’s financial filings, the RNC spent nearly $2000 at Voyeur West Hollywood last year. Scoping out the post Schwarzenegger candidate field? Well, maybe, but how open minded! Voyeur West’s “a bondage-themed nightclub featuring topless women dancers imitating lesbian sex.”

Of course, we’re sure the RNC staffers racking up the bills weren’t stimulating anything other than the economy. And the RNC’s already stated that chairman Michael Steele was never at Voyeur — and had no knowledge of the expenditure. I guess that’s the fiscal conservativism you’ve heard so much about. Conserving deniability.

But distributing the wealth, expanding the tent? That is what the RNC brought Steele in for after the slap-down of the ’08 elections, and who better to consult than some ladies who know a thing or two about spankings?

A more cynical political observer might note that after said spanking in 2008, the RNC might want to look to its expenses. After all, midterms are just around the corner. Not only two grand at a strip club, but over $17,000 on chartered planes in February — the shortest month?

But enough moan and groan (whoops!) At GRITtv, we’re just happy to see the Party of No saying Yes! to someone — to strippers! (Next, can they improve their working conditions?)

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