Back by popular demand, at least for a limited run, is my daily collection of items and links related to all things WikiLeaks. I did this for about six months until Wiki news faded and important new issues (and new book Atomic Cover-Up) arose. Now WikiLeaks is very much back in the news, with new revelations in cables and the angry debate about the latest release  how the password got out (via David Leigh and the Guardian book?). We’ll  post some of the latest developments, as always with latest at the top with the time in ET. And you can still check out my books and e-books The Age of WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning And away we go.


12:25  In interview with the New Statesman, Assange defends full release of full cables late last month.

11:45 GlobalLeaks announces "lift off" and first release at last.

11:40  Julian Assange’s tormentor, Bill Keller, rationalizes his support for Iraq war in column here.    My twitter feed @gregmitch critiques Keller.

10:20  AP: Assange today speaks in public for first time in blasting David Leigh and The Guardian, charging "negligence", via video link to Berlin conference.

9:55 Glenn Greenwald’s meditation on America’s "endless wars" since 9/11 and promise of that being permanent — despite efforts by WikiLeaks to expose. 

9:30  Wild,  from BBC:  "The chief minister of India’s Uttar Pradesh state has said the founder of the whistleblowing website Wikileaks ‘needs to be in a mental asylum."  Ms Mayawati did not name Julian Assange in her statement but said that he was either working with her political opponents or had ‘gone mad.’  The outburst follows reports, based on leaked US diplomatic cables, that she sent an empty private jet to collect a pair of sandals from Mumbai (Bombay).  She flatly denied the reports." 

Assange replies here.

12:05  Speaking of leaks, NYT bombshell on leak of classified info (leaker in prison) on U.S. spying on Israel, and more.


Remember Geoff Morrell? Pentagon flack who 1) hit Wikileaks repeatedly and 2) defended treatment of Bradley Manning at Quantico?   Now, very aptly, named head of communications at ….wait for it ….BP.  

NYT covers those new WikiLeaks cables re: China.

Dave Winer’s Scripting News: Catching up with Wikileaks.

Lengthy dissection of the controversy over the cables opening wide open, purely on technical terms, by Matt Giuca, concludes that The Guardian mainly at fault.  Leigh acted "stupidly" on the password but probably didn’t know better–but should have gotten proper training.

Andy Greenberg who has long covered WikiLeaks for Forbes tweets today:  "Results of my highly unscientific twitter poll: Assange still has huge support, Domscheit-Berg not so much. Both trending downward."