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And now it begins (in two days): GOP takes control of House and ready to undo Dem gains such as health plan and more … but the Washington Post claims Dems plan to go on the offense.

PolitiFact launches the GOP Pledge-O-Meter, tracking the campaign promises of Republican leaders.

New CNN poll finds a jump to 63% as number opposing our war in Afghanistan. A few months ago it was evenly divided … U.S. war in Iraq over? Two U.S. soldiers killed today there.

Bank of America preparing, big time, for rumored massive WikiLeaks release, while hoping it’s just a bluff. You can’t make this up: Judy Miller calls Assange "bad journalist" who didn’t "verify sources." … NYT returns with a major WikiLeaks cable report after long lag, this time focusing on U.S. diplomats used in sales war in Boeing vs. Airbus rivalry, with hints of bribery, corruption …

Yes, I am still live-blogging all things WikiLeaks, now in the 37th day. Thanks for all your support.

Peter Maass in The New Yorker: How the media inflated the topping of Saddam’s statue.

Amanda Marcotte tweets: "Ross Douthat’s obsessive anger at women for not being breeding factories but choosing instead to be people continues."

CHORDS OF FAME My new piece here on upcoming Phil Ochs film, with trailer and music clips.

THE PIT & THE PENDULUM Paul Krugman warns: Yes, the pit our economy is in may have stopped going deeper but we are still near the bottom … Poynter panel forecsts trends in investigtive reporting for 2011.

IN THE NAVY Commander of nuclear aircraft carrier U.S.S. Enterprise — no, not William Shatner — made crude videos featuring womeh showering and anti-gay slurs. Ironically, his name is Capt. Honors.

CREEPING FASCISM That’s what Rep. John Hall, now losing seat in Congress, says we may face in aftermath of the Citizens United ruling, which dearly cost Dems like him in 2010. He’s undecided on run to get back seat next year….

BARRY BAD INDEED Dave Barry on 2010 as maybe worst year ever.

A WIKILEAK WEEKEND To catch up on my live-blog for the New Year’s holiday weekend, go here.

DON’T FORGET THE MOTOR CITY Post apocalyptic landscape: No, it’s photos of modern day Detroit posted at The Guardian.

THE DUKE AND HAGGARD Merle Haggard after meeting Obama for first time complains about how the press has portrayed him.


Looking back at the year in comedy, I had to catch up to Stephen Colbert vs. Pastor Terry Jones, closing with his impersonation of Peter Sellers as Dr. Strangelove. We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when.

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And the year in music review could not possibly be complete without Neil Young’s appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show. In a later visit, "Neil" was joined by the real Bruce Springsteen.

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