The Observer newspaper (London) reported recently that the United States is conducting a secret surveillance campaign against UN Security Council delegations as part of its battle to win votes in favor of war against Iraq. Details of the operation, which involves the interception of the telephone calls and emails of UN delegates, were revealed in a National Security Agency memo leaked to the newspaper.

Now, more than ever, it’s critical to show support for those countries trying to resist US bullying, bribing and now, wiretapping. There are a number of concrete gestures you can take that may really help these nations stiffen their opposition to the proposed US/UK/Spanish UN war resolution.

If you’re part of a civic, business, non-profit or community group, try to set up meetings this week with the UN missions, embassies and consulates of these non-permanent members of the UN Security Council: Chile, Mexico, Pakistan, Guinea, Cameroon and Angola. Let them know that you think that both the US’s and their own country’s interests will be much better served by peace than war. Remind them that the world is on their side as are many Americans as well. Check out our list of consultate offices coast to coast. There may be one much closer than you’d think.

If you can’t get a quick meeting scheduled, send flowers, cards, emails and other tokens of appreciation to these nation’s reps imploring them to hold firm and continue resisting the US’s coercive tactics.

Click here for full contact info for consulates and missions as well as email addresses for each member of the UN Security Council. And see Coalition of the Coerced, a new report issued by the Institute for Policy Studies, for advice on drafting the most effective letters possible.

Time appears short, but after a weekend of setbacks, the US seems increasingly isolated in its efforts to rally international diplomatic and military support for war in Iraq. Bush and Co. seem poised to thwart world opinion and go at it alone, but the more we do to oppose unilateral war, the harder it’ll be for them to proceed.


Upcoming Antiwar Events:

On International Women’s Day, March 8, Code Pink will convene thousands of people in Washington, DC for a women-led rally and march to encircle the White House.

On March 15 , a number of groups, led by International Answer , are organizing an emergency convergence at the White House

On March 22, United for Peace and Justice is planning another march in New York City, this time, hopefully, with a city permit.

Stay tuned.