Republicans: Do your friends make fun of you for your shameful lack of awareness on women’s issues? Have to vote on a bill that will legislate uteruses but not quite sure you know what that word means? Well, look no further—this quiz will help hone your lady-legislating skills with expert knowledge from your peers. Remember to use a number-two pencil, and no looking at your neighbor’s paper.

1. What is rape?

a. A “forcible” assault. Minors, incest victims and date-rape victims need not apply. 

b. A figment of women’s imagination.

c. “The violation of a chaste woman, against her will, by some party not her spouse.”

d. Something that happens to drunk sluts.

2. What do we know about pregnancy that occurs after a rape?

a. It’s a God-given gift. Enjoy!

b. No such thing. The vagina employs bio-bouncers that will “shut that whole thing down.”

c. Impossible, because “the juices don’t flow.”

d. Trick question. There’s no such thing as rape. Duh.

3. How does emergency contraception work?

a. Melts snowflake babies.

b. Turns women into wanton harlots. Proceed with caution.

c. As an abortifacient.

d. The cause of teen sex cults—distribute widely!

4. How does the birth control pill work?

a. You take one every time you have sex. The more pills you take, the sluttier you are.

b. It’s basically murder.

c. Enacts a protective shield around the genital area that only holy water and/or Burt Reynolds can penetrate.

d. You put it between your knees when you run out of aspirin.

5. What words are appropriate to use when describing a woman’s “down there”?

a. Hoo-hah. (please pronounce as such)

b. “V.” (See: “trans-v,” Natalie Portman.)

c. *silence*

d. “Mine.”

For correct answers please stop talking to, sleeping with and voting for Republicans.

For more from The Nation on the latest iteration of Republican ignorance on women’s issues—that would be Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin saying that pregnancies don’t result from "legitimate rape"—read Ilyse Hogue’s The Danger of Laughing at Todd Akin.