Bankruptcy reform was a handout to the credit card companies, the prescription drug bill was a multibillion-dollar donation to the pharmaceutical industry, the repeal of the death tax was a handout to the Paris Hiltons of the country. Never before in our history have our politician’s words been as out of touch with their actions.

This is no accident. While Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff have been sucking the pork out of the barrel, their intellectual lackeys have systematically been creating an entire language of Republican doublespeak. In fact they have gotten so brazen at it, their chief spin doctor, Frank Luntz, went on The Daily Show to demonstrate how it’s done.

For the past six months, readers of and I have been working to pop the festering boil on our political life with the skewer of satire. We’ve been building a Republican Dictionary that will be published as a book in the fall. We are almost finished, but we still need a few more funny, sharp, and biting definitions. We need your help, specifically for words like “The Patriot Act,” “The War on Drugs,” “Airport Security,” “The House Ethics Committee,” “Tom Delay,” “Creationism,” “Crusade,” “Proliferation,” “Blue State,” “Red State,” “The United Nations,” “Zell Miller.” (Click here to submit your ideas.)

We will select our favorite submissions for the book, and if yours is included we’ll send you a free copy. I thank you for your help in this fight.