The President, who never tires
Of naming cronies, named Ms. Miers
To be a Justice. I’m not kidding.
He said he knows she’ll do his bidding.
The social-issues right went crazy.
They called her record much too hazy.
Though through the code, with some contortion,
Bush signaled that she hates abortion,
They asked, so why is she not willing
To say right out it’s baby killing?
Responding to this strong attack, he
Assured the right she’s really wacky.
In phone calls Rove, in hopes of winning
Support from preachers, gave this spinning:
It’s by her church that ye shall know her.
Her church is low. No church is lower.
Her church friends (please think Holy Rollers)
Treat embryos like kids in strollers–
Including embryos of rapists.
The Baptists to these folks are papists.
She’s not the moderate you deem her.
If you’re extreme, then she’s extremer.
Her style is not to be dramatic,
But be assured she is fanatic.