John McCain’s commencement address at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University attracted a great deal of media scrutiny. Will Rudy Giuliani’s big money fundraiser with Ralph Reed today in Atlanta draw headlines as well?

“We’re here to get you elected,” Giuliani said at the luncheon fundraiser. With the race a statistical dead heat, Rudy’s visit couldn’t have come at a better time.

Reed’s once-promising run for Lt Governor of Georgia has been bludgeoned by his connections to Jack Abramoff. (For the juicy details, read Bob Moser’s terrific Reed expose, “The Devil Inside.”) Yesterday the Public Campaign Action fund hit the airwaves with the first radio ad of the campaign, assailing Reed’s backdoor lobbying for Abramoff’s illegal Indian casino schemes.

“What would you think about someone who said gambling was a ‘cancer, it is stealing foods out of the mouths of children?'” asks the ad’s narrator, “And then turned around and took a $4 million job from casinos. That’s what Ralph Reed did.”

If you’re Giuliani, eager to make nice with Christian conservative primary voters, you reach out to the man once nicknamed “The Right Hand of God” and pay Reed’s misdeeds no mind.