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New Blog Schedule

We will not be able to keep to the three-posts-a-week schedule we started with. Apologies to any of you who had been expecting those posts. It turns out that our day jobs and the weekly puzzle deadline make it impossible for us to continue at that pace.

Instead, we’ll post once a week, on Thursday morning. The post will mostly consist of an ongoing elaboration of our cryptic views. Out of consideration for hard-copy solvers (most of you, we are sure), we will not reveal any answers until a few weeks have passed.

Of course, even though we’ll be doing less of that in the posts, we have no objections to discussion of specific Nation puzzles and clues in the comments. You are welcome to share any quibbles, complaints or kudos, as long as you too refrain from revealing answers. And don’t be shy about asking for and offering hints. (Please be specific about which puzzle you are referring to.)

Requests? Suggestions? Please comment below.