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The ten highlighted clues are by Frank W. Lewis, who constructed the Nation puzzle for more than sixty years.


 1Well, you wouldn’t have them, most likely! (5,3,5)

 9 City built from granite (7)

10A specific requirement came first, if so goaded (7)

11One hears it’s cold, but it might be very hot (5)

12 Disgusting vices with exes? That’s over the top (9)

13 Uncontrolled yen to take back sweet wine in breakdown of order (7)

15The Burma Shave poetry—or just the opposite? (7)

17Possibly one name for a flower in the buttercup family (7)

19 Subversive once repelled Communist (one who makes things secret) (7)

21 Hose attachment run almost to the end by confused clerk, after losing start of coil (9)

23Country you get to by plane transfer (5)

25Three-quarters will never make it (7)

26 Islander mangling a hint involving artificial intelligence (7)

27What the electric company has in its favor (7,6)


 1 You’ll find one on the front of The New York Times! (7)

 2 Boundless party? That’s what you might hear in New Delhi, perhaps (5)

 3 In a musical score, animated point? It is poor, unfortunately (9)

 4Run up to the southeast and bury the end of it where you’d see little ones (7)

 5 Criticize expert over a cure for anything that ails you (7)

 6 Thoughts turned aside (5)

 7 What troops did in Iraq, initially: created strong connections all around (9)

 8 Stick had broken before (6)

14 Misrepresent other quote when reviewing abstract (9)

16 Hiring opportunities in three states? That is satisfactory (9)

17 Gold beginning to supplant a different metal in capital (6)

18 General assembly to get bigger (7)

19Supposedly you have this condition when someone is talking about you—being within listening range (7)

20 Carpeting involves a number in making decisions (7)

22 Reign wildly in an African nation (5)

24 Pass on grain’s cost (5)


ACROSS 1 S(L)IGHTS 5 JE + JUNE 8 rev. hidden 9 ANAL + GE(S)IC (e-cig anag.) 11 P(ROB)O + NO 12 SPA REST 13 anag. 16 2 defs. 18 2 defs. 19 letter bank 21 P(OSTDO)C (stood anag.) 23 hidden 25 EROT I (rev.) + CART 26 hidden 27 F(R)IEND 28 ME(MPH)IS (semi anag.)

DOWN 1 SNOWPO(CALYPS[o])E (we snoop anag.) 2 IN(T)RO (iron anag.) 3 HALL + OWED 4 SO[d]A POP ERA 5 2 defs. 6 JIG + SAW (rev.) 7 anag. 10 CATO + NIN +E-TAILS 14 anag. 15 “lager rhythm” 17 anag. 20 pun 22 “charred” 24 E(ART)H

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