1  Certain crops could be so formulaic. (3,3,5)

9  and 19 down Not a dance hall gal, but one was thought of while a swagman watched his billy boil. (8,7)

10  Once they were 23, before they were 1 across. (6)

11  Having clothes on could be very exhausting! (7)

12  Not those old Burma Shave signs–just the opposite. (7)

14  What’s the point in a religious law? It could be fired off with drastic results. (6)

15  Crooked lawyers start out being modest, but the rest’s worse finally. (8)

17  Spurn me? A catastrophe! But he will save the day! (8)

20  In favor of “self” earlier. (6)

22  Par what? Confused about the place for brave conflict! (7)

24  Trials, alternatively good business propositions. (7)

26  Possibly dressed this way for Friday, two brief states around our country, when confused. (6)

27  Offering traditionally made on bended knee. (8)

28  Where a couple of fools got in, and had dinner? They could really kill you this way! (11)


2  Talk about complete acne! (9)

v3  Where a bridge dance was held? (7)

4  Going to them is unfortunate–
especially with the Gods so crazy! (4)

5  How certain entertainers talk in a very casual way–fast! (7)

6  Put out by the definition? (5)

7  Picture the result of shooting with it! (6)

8  Mr. Bowdler shows scorn badly about one point. (6)

13  Slinging guns, I find, is just taking advantage of something. (5)

16  The way things happened when you were excluded this way! (6,3)

18  One from Salt Lake? (6)

19  See 9 across

20  Describing the maiden who kissed a man all tattered and torn in Jack’s house. (7)

21  A reputedly balmy place, i.e., glad, as it could be. (6)

23  You’ll have something of slump here–getting supposedly desirable things. (5)

25  Proving a musician’s work is in the soup! (4)