1  and 6 You can get such things beneath the vendor’s place of business being so bodied. (14)

10  Shakespearean fellow, sort of shot up, right? (7)

11  Clues go badly wrong: “It’s a monosaccharide!” (7)

12  You won’t drink the water if you do, and play it safe. (5,4,5)

14  All tied up with an overseas New Year’s celebration at this place, to start devotions. (8)

15  Even disturbed by a word of hesitation, this would be a display only on the surface. (6)

16  They might be jabs to the jaw, but the civil type are of some concern. (6)

18  Swap evil-doing for this, but it’s what one often does when seeking a new form of transportation. (6,2)

22  A questionable labor practice, but a noteworthy achievement to the woman’s place of rest at the sound of a bell. (7-7)

24  What one may do to the lawn doesn’t go on, but spoils the result. (4-3)

25  Work with something too much and you’ll get nothing on an important day with such a stratagem. (7)

26  See 8 down

27  My casting’s not good, but you might be fit to indulge in them. (10)


1  Not down where the guns might be kept, but one possibly knocks the stuffing out of things when one does. (10)

2  Take away the value of improper trade, which should go to court shortly. (7)

3  If you make one it should at least stand for something! (14)

4  Earthy land in France–one quarter English. (7)

5  Argue over petty things to keep your spirits up over your broken leg. (6)

7  It must contain chocolate to have something like cheese around it. (7)

8  and 26 across Certainly not a rough tune for the late service. (8)

9  Represented by the capital quality of Taurus–or just a rather stubborn quality? (14)

13  Go over the limit, strangers (strangely enough) needing direction. (10)

17  Is the king upset about her being in such a pickle? (7)

19  One might get such at the sauna, but it’s a funny way to manipulate a feather! (7)

20  They often get a response, but you could find it mulish, almost. (7)

21  Where one might expect to find a ringer, with a little spirit right by, surrounding it. (6)

23  Love–or so disturbed you think it’s god? (4)