1  Some artists are so concerned–being diffident. (11)

9  and 10 I get gongs to ring the changes as the way one starts. (4,5)

11  The sort of 27 that cod follows, may also! (4)

12  Things that happen every July are found in these quarters. (7)

13  A silly person comes in to make a face, and then collapse. (4,3)

15  Teacher has a bit of old money inside the ore diggings. (8)

16  The south of France comes to a bad end, which is unexpected. (6)

18  Ready to precede it in the race, and comes before “go”? (3,3)

21  Taking a chance on being right here! (8)

24  To tell the truth, this isn’t doing it! (7)

26  Made by the escapee. (7)

28  and 29 See 4 down

30  Capable of making a bale of it. (4)

31  18 twice, perhaps, and then takes off quickly! (They’re real suckers!) (6,5)


2  What the teacher does is sin badly, and sort of strut about a number of it. (9)

3  Might be a topper of what the snooty type does to you! (4-3)

4 ,  and 28 and 29 across You might
find a sleeper with it, and a diner is expected. (8,5)

5  Could one of them be called “The Home of the Brave”? (7)

6  You might expect such saints to bring things to you–but they’re supposed to be little bits of time… (5)

7  …or a little bit of time, but not the first example. (6)

8  What one may do to clean up the tree. (6)

14  Talks a bit boastfully, but possibly grabs an answer out of it. (5)

17  What someone tried vainly to do to “a character high” in Trial by Jury. (9)

19  He’s the boss–at least on paper! (6)

20  A very small drink for a wee one! (4,3)

22  Possibly let out around near confusion, like the city of Rome. (7)

23  Almost a point to being ahead of time? (6)

25  Waits for a favorable opportunity, not first class on a fateful date. (5)

27  What some do to the floor, being the sign of a soft pilot. (4)