1  The possible brunt of little iron bands were fired by ancient priests. (5,9)

9  Is a one-legged person this on a hot day, or just about to summarize? (2,5)

10  Hello, pal! I neglected to find the appearance of an oil slick. (7)

11  Does the sideways drift show a general the path? (6)

12  With a small measure I make
an impression, but it’s something
unintended. (8)

14  The sounds of the ruler striking, or just the Women’s Army Corps of Kansas losing direction? (7)

15  Crazed bears! But it could be worse! (5)

17  The wandering tribe finds a Roman flower. (5)

19  Shakily sign it with a point, as one causes a flare-up. (7)

21  Were they unsteady on their pins, these bands of workers? (8)

23  Pale yellow bog surrounding Los Angeles International Airport. (6)

25  Gee, that’s tough! But it’s just material for the mill to the French. (7)

26  I am a spirit, to a point, but Mr. Lennon recommends we do it! (7)

27  Drive! Gives gears four points to prove it! (14)


1  Although sick in mind, confused, it fits to a T and shows surpassing intelligence. (9)

2  Miss Franklin tells you what it means to her. (7)

 3  Was romantic Paris the cause of it all? It’s Greek to me! (6,3)

4  8 down is confused by karma! (4)

5  Dispatching the unholy sounds like it’s good for you! (10)

6  A modern Mesopotamian? (5)

7  Its gear, if broken, will cover the limbs. (7)

8  Sounds as if they belong beneath your ankles, but it’s quite an accomplishment! (4)

13  If split in chopped cress, you’d get Bartlebys. (10)

15  Used in 3 down? No–centuries later, but no one wants to meet her! (6-3)

16  They take it back concerning the horses’ gaits. (9)

18  Dylan meets Crosby going up and down. (7)

20  Sixty degrees of separation? (You are one or the other of this on a small slab.) (7)

21  Wit, to a point, makes the bread, as they say. (4)

22  Dead, right? Not now! (5)

24  The end is in sight, if in confusion. (4)