1  Providence may have such a radical type, but one might prove chicken! (5,6,3)

9  Where you might see tree limbs, or so-called limbs of Satan at times. (7)

10  ”Drop Dead!” Possibly without a way to get elbowed! (7)

11  and 12 You might see one at the circus. There’s a point to what writers use with a piggish type! (5-9)

14  It seems the way little Catherine acted was like a very jumpy type. (7)

15  Doom’s to be found where the wicked were destroyed. (5)

17  Out of the deeps, this comes back to drive fast! (5)

19  A volume of works that a Brit might take to work. (7)

21  Expect the first half of it to be legal, in a very spelled-out way. (8)

23  In Saudi Arabia, a capital city! (6)

25  A glacial lake has his all wrong–to make things dirty, obviously. (7)

26  United Nations, United States, United Airlines–in short, not very ordinary! (7)

27  Sham flowers on the face of it? (9,5)


1  and 21 A good place to spot the fight from, with circles on fatal days, in the revolutionary East. (8,5)

2  It holds the paddle, but is nothing on a right small bit of hair. (7)

3  Fixed up the text with direction to people, very old-fashioned. (9)

4  Does some talking, ever old–yes, old–in two directions. (4)

5  A very quiet praising–but, still, noisy praising! (10)

6  Quaintly humorous, with the beginning of a drum beat, when rapid. (5)

7  The last part not paid for? (With a lot of money given, however.) (7)

8  Does the door have to be broken down because of the bad smell? (4)

13  Take little notice, Scottie; I lost some hair and got bawled out for it! (10)

15  Proving a nickname isn’t necessarily a term for the old devil! (Sort of robs a possibly quiet finish.) (10)

16  What mountains should not be made of. (9)

18  A Beethoven concerto–fit for a ruling type, or a penguin! (7)

20  Flipper’s in the kitchen! (7)

21  See 1

22  In Paris he joins a CIA operation, pertaining to the “hip” type. (5)

24  Very uninteresting, and certainly not very sharp, or shiny. (4)