1  and 5 Those who lash out at one taking a little snooze are like one referred to as a little monster. (14)

10  and 11 Considered sufficient by some people. (1,4,2,3,4)

12  Indian chief with nothing sort of close on a combination of it. (7)

13  Is a sea god capable of assuming different shapes in favor of fatback? (7)

14  One doesn’t have to be a football player to approach a job this way. (6)

15  Vote in an old god–one whom mourning becomes, even in play. (7)

18  One held for ransom is sort of a ghost, to a point. (7)

21  They supposedly fly, but one shouldn’t believe many of them. (6)

24  Kinda angry when a false coin is about to be known as the kind that just floats around! (7)

26  A big one, but something slung lowered him down. (7)

27  Responsible for much ground, but bad grits made a large number sick. (5,4)

28  Sort of rid the queen of what is less damp. (5)

29  Puts one’s foot down, getting to take in the paper in the back street. (6)

30 , 1 down and 17 down A question posed the checker-up, after dark. (8,4,2,3,5)


1  See 30 across

2  They did a lot of fighting during the Civil War, as a way to press a number of little boys with it. (9)

3  Where Mr. Ed could be kept in one’s living quarters (as some say) to cut off the tail. (7)

4  The so-called daily grind might be a way to tell on a running contest. (3-4)

6  The wrong name on a single flower. (7)

7  Rather nicey-nicey, to a point–as one might describe a number. (5)

8  Used to control the current flow, but her toast is no good this way. (8)

9  Broken plates could still hold a major element of food. (6)

16  John the naturalist rises to that which one hopes is firma–and loaded with specimens. (9)

17  See 30 across

19  Made sure the figures were right by sitting in on the class? (7)

20  Geometrician who brought up a hint on a hat, as some say. (6)

21  Emblems of royalty concerning the common young lady with a first-class upbringing. (7)

22  Behold! It’s inside the practitioner–and has quite a tuneful combination. (7)

23  He rowed people across the Styx–giving a drink (as the Brits say) to Mr. Reagan. (6)

25  Remember this boat? It’s in quite a state! (5)