1  and 4 Does it involve going to the glaziers for goods? (6-8)

10  The sort of camera I see represented in the Nation? (7)

11  A couple with backward favorites might start the dance off. (3-4)

12  A witching place for misbehaving males. (5)

13  Possibly a bad striker found in 28. (3)

14  Perhaps Fido, that is–or a little one that was told to get along in song. (5)

15  A helluva place, but you can always find it in the shade. (5)

17  The little devil has legal approval, which is understood. (8)

21  and 23 The hard up might be doing it, which one hears is enjoying the pool by oneself. (8,1,4)

26  In the capital, a most memorable spot. (5)

28  Pa’s out of place here, but he might go there for a good scrubbing. (3)

29  Where Walter was told to take the lead, in song. (5)

30  An examination, if your head is necessary to finish it, as you might swear! (7)

31  Caribbean islands–picture the slippery type, if backward. (7)

32  Manages the social upheaval–and really throws things around! (4,4)

33  Such as Bram should be able to tend the fire. (6)


1  and 25 “Never mind!” might be the answer for some. (Evidently some problem existed to raise the question.) (5,3,6)

2  A specific requirement came first, if so goaded. (7)

3  Intense dislike, when you get to act up with the medium’s last half. (5)

5  Agitated by the sort that goes other than down. (3,2)

6  Peacock-like, in the vernacular. (Such behavior may result in the fall.) (5)

7  Incised carvings not found out with the price printed–51, according to the Romans. (7)

8  A political party with the lady said to go on errands, one hears. (6)

9  Composer–a person with no belief in one finally. (8)

16  Deep, poetically. (3)

18  How the girl’s hair was arranged certainly would have ended in a curl like Porky had. (8)

19  Perhaps aid the old comedian’s wife. (3)

20  An uninvited guest in the junction, more impolite. (8)

22  To feel bad getting up is no return for more than a brief encounter. (7)

24  The more stars or bars you display, the better chance that you do, as far as the next fellow is concerned. (7)

25  See 1

27  Rosie is upset by a willow branch arrangement. (5)

28  One might be obedient on another’s. (3-2)

29  Representive of a bloke, as the Brit says. (5)