1  What the monks might be doing with Charles the detective less formally, with a ringing sound. (8)

5  Jump one season, and you might find water here…(6)

10  …said to appear before fall, like a bunch of the roaring type. (5)

11  King Fiddlehead is likely to be found in the marshland. (5,4)

12  Some folks have such a room on the row, as one might do with a certain chair. (7)

13  Supposedly it takes more than one to make a 5 across, as one does with drink. (7)

14  A time of rest supposedly, and in German you have to talk about something around it. (6)

15  One puts it on in time of emergency, perhaps–but there’s a bit of an animal in what should hold the sheet. (3,4)

18  One isn’t safe with such. (3-4)

21  When some people are not sure they say this to me. (One could describe it as fallen arches.) (6)

24  In Paris, the position of a French astronomer. (7)

26  Without much change, you could make it reserve a way to go back in your car. (7)

27  Some say it’s a blissful state, with a variety of orange and the letters that often come to the company. (9)

28  What the gunman may tell you to do as you get as far. (5)

29  Suddenly inhaled what the driver steps on at times, with little Albert. (6)

30  Describing an inseparable element at this place with part of the Bible. (8)


1  Garnishes playful jumps? (6)

2  A drink with the king and queen, leading to quite a battle! (9)

3  See 8

4  Run up to the southeast and bury the end of it where you might find little ones. (7)

6  Well, it’s not in the printed material–
but that’s what the Vandals did. (7)

7  What I sometimes do with a deck of cards is perfect! (5)

8  and 3 Just blown away with what is more or less of a classic! (4,4,3,4)

9  Slangy way to swindle, and just put two and two together–it’s on the house, possibly. (6)

16  Flay verbally, or exact, i.e.–if you beat it enough! (9)

17  The kind of bee that kids hope they won’t get stung with. (It’s enchanting, to some!) (8)

19  Where the kids might build a house, if really perplexed. (2,1,4)

20  On a par with believing, some say, when just looking. (6)

21  An advanced physician seems to bear the motto “rush suddenly forward.” (7)

22  The Burma Shave poetry–or just the opposite? (7)

23  Something of a “dog” in the park, but you might get burned if it’s so! (3,3)

25  Kicks in the field, or needing poles in the stream. (5)