1  Give something temporarily, in the spot where you hit the hay–some like their liquor this way. (7)

5  It comes after the meal, with the lead in what the cow chews. (7)

9  What comes from the bow, in opposite points, gets thinner and thinner. (7)

10  Makes things possible with bean soup to the French. (7)

11,12 and 13 Well, you wouldn’t feel them, most likely! (5,3,5)

14  Part of play to a long, long time, being a hunter who peeked at the dipper. (7)

16  Those first-level books you may have had kicked Ed’s rear! (7)

18  If you get into hot water, you may be! (7)

21  With a knotted tie, clad in this–which might be your strong point! (7)

24,26 and 22 down An old-fashioned challenge–though it might be a selling point that has to bring things home to you. (5,3,7)

27  In Oklahoma it is all right to get a sort of lust with a final part. (5)

28  Does it provide oxygen or just a trip? (7)

29  An ordinary form of transportation with a slightly bigger version–or even one you can sleep in. (7)

30  Phonemes I speak secretly may spell one’s downfall. (7)

31  Worked hard in the spot where one might find a scientist, with nothing to color. (7)


1  One version of a large printed handkerchief, with the second letter as well as a first one coming from it. (7)

2  Supposedly you have this condition when someone is talking about you–being within listening range. (7)

3  Falls down because of certain medication. (5)

4  Sid and I worry with it, causing scorn, possibly. (7)

5  A cheesy place, by all accounts! Just gorge there! (7)

6  and 17 The colonies didn’t like its passage–but it’s a way of putting your foot down! (5,3)

7  Forever being such–let mail get delivered from it. (3-4)

8  Quits what may be side streets shortly. (7)

15  A short dash–500–has to be the last part. (3)

17  See 6

18  You and I come up on a bad mark–keep things that way! (7)

19  An old horse and the head of the flock, with the shore taken as an example of the third word here. (7)

20  Supposedly ties pay them, even though they are bad leaders. (7)

21  Here in Montreal in crazy cold, found at the end of one’s will? (7)

22  See 24 across

23  Heard about the old king and Edward sometimes, if schooled this way? (7)

25  Sometimes associated with drabs. (5)

27  Stir the broth, just for a heartbeat. (5)