The Democratic Party’s draft platform offers little in the way of a serious promise of health-care reform.

The document reads as if it was written by the insurance industry rather than advocates for people who need health care.

But there are Democrats who refuse to compromise on this fundamental issue.

At the urging of Progressive Democrats of America, almost 500 delegates to this month’s Democratic National Convention in Denver — led by House Judiciary Committee chair John Conyers, D-Michigan — have signed a declaration urging that the party commit in its platform to “guaranteed health care for all.”

Conyers is expected to be in Pittsburgh, along with Donna Smith, a “star” of the Michael Moore documentary “SiCKO” who serves with the congressman as a co-chair of PDA’s Healthcare NOT Warfare campaign.

They will be joined by activists from groups such as Healthcare for All Pennsylvania and the Western Pennsylvania Coalition for Single-Payer Healthcare.

Going into the weekend, PDA is asking delegates and party backers:

Question: Do you want the Democratic Party’s platform for 2008 to reflect “real” change we can believe in?

Question: Would you like a bit of the audacity of truth to complement that bit of hope?

As an answer, PDA and its allies are proposing a platform plank that makes no mention of the insurance industry but instead commits the party to five key principles:

* “Guarantee accessible health care for all.”

* “Create a single standard of high quality, comprehensive, and preventive health care for all.”

* “Allow freedom of choice of physician, hospital, and other health care providers.”

* “Eliminate financial barriers that prevent families and individuals from obtaining the medically necessary care they need.”

* “Allow physicians, nurses and other licenced health care providers to make health care decisions based on what is best for the health of the patient.”