Just saw the astounding, 2013 Oscar-nominated documentary 5 Broken Cameras, which just made it to Netflix this week (presume it’s also now out on DVD). 

If you want to see and in a way experience (and you should) the evil of the Israeli settlements and the army attacks on resisters—including deaths and shootings caught on camera—go out of your way to watch it. It chronicles one man’s filming of several years of struggle and protests as the walls go up, the olive trees go up in flames and settlements encroach on his village.

And yes, five cameras get broken over time in the often-violent confrontations. 

Plus: The New York Times on Sunday has lengthy piece on "muted" reaction in Israel to another Oscar-nominated doc, The Gatekeepers, also on the settlements and protests and crackdown by Israel's Internal security. 

Here’s the trailer for 5 Broken Cameras: